Unsure about travelling solo


Hi there… I’m wanting to book a trip for next year. Hopefully Canada/USA, however am nerves about travelling on my own.
can anyone give me advice about travelling solo and hopefully ease my nerves

thanks :slight_smile:


Im feeling the same
whens your tour?


I havnt booked yet, but I am wanting to do the South West states tour about September or October next year


Hi @Meghan_Fisher,
My first time overseas I travelled solo. It was one of my nerve-racking experiences of my life. I have done another since and about to head off again in about 5 weeks. I travelled to fairly safe countries at the time. But it can be hard with all the crap that’s going on in the world.

Being prepared helps a lot. Having a backup of travel documents, both on your phone and a paper copy. Including your passport (photocopy). I always have a travel SIM or mobile roaming plan with emergency contacts on hand.

If you have any specific questions about money, maps (GPS on your phone) for finding your way around, what to bring, please feel to ask.


Thanks Damien,
I might just take you up on the questions.



I think travelling solo is a great hunt, Because you can learn lot of things and manage your own. The biggest problem with travelling solo is the safety. so i always avoid travelling at night and visit on;ly places which are tourist centric and traveling a public transport.


Traveling solo is something that everyone should do at least once. I love traveling solo as it takes out the best in me that I would not think I can do if I was traveling with some people. It also just means adding that one extra drop of caution. Solo travelers should always book hotels that have hotel safes to keep their belongings secure while they are not in a hotel. Many hotel have hotel safes by Global Safe Corporation, its an added security while traveling solo.


You can travel Prague city it is beautiful city of Europe.
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I think you can choose Canada is the best.