United Kingdom September 2016



I am thinking about doing a tour of the United Kingdom around September, However i do not have anyone to go with and would really want to do a tour. I just want thoughts on how people go on tours by themselves?

If there is anyone who is thinking or going on a tour of United Kingdom in September im more than happy to chat.

I have thought about doing everything by myself and touring without anyone and not going on a tour but if its worth wild to do a tour than i’m willing to complete one.

Many Thanks,
Karly :slight_smile:


If you want to go- then go. Lot’s of people choose to go on these tours as they are solo travellers and do not feel comfortable navigating and staying in strange cities alone. At least, that’s why I do- if I had a partner or a good friend that I could live with 24/7 for 2/3 weeks in a row then I would do a trip solo and save myself money (it’s no secret that a lot of these trips are cheaper to do by yourself!)

The UK is generally a safe place to navigate on your own- just exercise common sense as you would in any other places (i.e. don’t make yourself stand out like a sore thumb as a tourist!) Most people here are friendly despite what some people say (just don’t piss of a commuter on the Underground in London during rush hour).

Your best bet to get around would be to hire a car- but there are cities in which parking may become a problem/expensive and I THINK most places require you to be 25 for insurance purposes.

If you want some recommendations on places to go/do- then feel free to ask.