Ultime Egypt Jan 2007


Hey Guys[br]Just wondering if anyone out there is thinking about doing Egypt soon.[br]Im planning on going in January 2007(yes I know I’m a bit early) and was interested in chatting wiht any others thinking about going on that trip.[br]Does anyone else know what ages usually go on Egypt tours and how many people are in each group roughly…just interested[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Jane


Hi, [br]It depends on which tour you take as to how many people are on it. On the 3 week tour there were 7 people on it for 2 weeks (3 people were doing the whole trip and 4 went home at the end of 2 weeks), at the end of the 2nd week we were joined by 2 aussies so there was only 5 people on the tour. However, those 2 aussies had spent the first week of their tour in a group of 25![br]Most people were aged 19-23 with some older ones.


Im doing the beaches & pyramids tour leaving on the 26th of january. Its a 15 day tour. Doing it on my own…