Ultimate Egypt


[br]My partner and I (Australians) will be doing the Ultimate Egypt 21 day tour departing 10 December and would love some feedback, inc the felucca tour (how to combat lack of toilets, showers etc, we do love camping btw) and any other information inc tips anyone can come up with. We’d also love to hear from anyone who will be doing the same trip so we can get to chat before meeting/exploring/experiencing.[br]Cheers Bec and James


as you know from your previous post, i have been on it with my gf and we have a great time![br]Lol hahaha toilet on the felucca, :stuck_out_tongue: You have to let them know 30 mins before u have to go, and they pull over, and off u go, usually on the banks of some1’s farm and u go. [br]There is no shower. You sit/eat/play/drink/sleep on the same matress.[br]When we did it, our tour leader said that the tour before, they only did it for 2 days. [br]So we followed that idea, altho it was great, but by the 2nd day we had had enough of it. So we had to pay for the extra night in Luxor, (which was i think about 240ish EGP) and we still got to see the temple’s, so we didnt miss out on anything.[br]Prolly the best bit of the felucca journy is going/leaving aswan, its amazing [br][br]Check this post if u want more info, that another person was asking me :)[br][br]http://www.topdecktours.co.uk/topdeckforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=225[br][br]anyway, have fun[br][br]…In Tyler we Trusted…


Hey Adrian,[br]thanks I’m sure from everyone you respond to on here, I know you’ve given heaps of info and answered what probably feels like twenty questions, but for those of us who havent done the tour, your information is invaluable.[br][br]You replied in a post to another future traveller that you went with 4500 and came back with 3600, was that egyptian pound or aussie dollar? I’m taking about $AU1900 and wonder if thats enough, I want to be able to just do and buy whatever (within reason) I want…:)[br]:slight_smile: Bec[br]


Yep that was AUD :)[br]Due to the fantastic exchange rate + barging things down, i was able to do pretty much everything i wanted and come back with money[br][br]:)[br][br]Yeh with about 2grand AUD that sounds like it should be enough.[br][br]The Optionals for the Ultimate egypt came up to 1grand egpytian[br]so thats about AUD250.00… so its really not a kick in the balls; but when they go 1thousand EGP your like what theeee but when u think oh thats only $250AUD (we did all the optionals apart from Pyramid Light show)[br][br]You should be pretty well off… [br]when we were there we brought so many bottles of water, and other snacks, went out for dinner heaps and it wosnt to costly on the bank[br][br]altho i advise (dont carry too much money on you) but when taking money out of the ATM, take a “nice” amount, coz of the Fee’s and yeh.[br][br]Ask your guide, how much money do you think i should have today?[br]or, are we going to be away from an ATM for a few days or whateva :)[br][br]Sorry for late reply, i aint been on this webby for a while [br][br]oh yay ur leaving soon… i bet ur excited??[br][br]haha any more questions , let me know [br][br]laterss[br][br]…In Tyler we Trusted…


Hey Adrian, great to hear from you again…yep we’re one week away from departure and as you know there are so many things to organise. Because we’ll be having Christmas on Sinai and Dahab we’re having a family Chrissy before we go…[br][br]Thanks heaps for all the advice, information you’ve given me, so great to get insiders knowledge. Especially about the spending money and bartering. [br][br]Anyhoo thanks again and look forward to posting when we return.[br][br]Bec:)