Ultimate Egypt tour


Just booked January 30 tour, wondering who else is doing this tour?


Hey Dan!
I’m going on this trip with 2 friends!


Hey Kirby, just wondering are you bring a suitcase or a backpack? I’m leaving Melb on the 24th staying a few days in Dubai then off to Cairo. See you on the trip, should be fantastic.


Sounds cool, we’re leaving Melb on the 27th and spending a couple of days in Cairo first. I’m thinking suitcase, especially because I’m off to the UK for a week after Egypt, but my friend is taking a backpack. See you in 2 weeks (if I don’t see you at the airport because I work there haha)!


Yeah, I think I’ll take a suite case and backpack for during the day. Be great to meet you guys I am only down the road near Shepparton, so it’l be good to have some Victorians on the tour.