Ultimate Egypt tour


Hey guys, Im locked n loaded for the Ultimate Egypt tour from 12/12/10 - 1/1/11, and was wondering if anyone esle has joined the same tour?
I did a TopDeck euro tour last year and it blew my mind, and am now looking forward to the same in Egypt.
If your on the same tour, would be keen to hear from you,
Logan - NZ


Any specific intertesting aspects SuperVA?
Did you do the Essential Egypt tour?
Any advice/recommendations?


This was almost a year ago, how was your trip WALLO330? I’ve been with an Egypt tours last year, we toured Giza, Valley of Kings, Temple, and diving/snorkeling at Sharm. Haven’t got the chance to climb the mountain where they say the 10 commandments took place.

How did you spend your new year in Egypt? Was it a blast?