Ultimate Egypt / Pyramids & Beaches - Jan 2012


Considering a tour of Egypt in January 2012. The two options are either Ultimate Egypt (3-21 Jan) or Pyramids & Beaches (3-17 Jan).

Have read some interesting reviews online about Topdeck tours in this part of the world… So would like to hear from anyone that has toured Egypt with Topdeck about their experiences.

Your opinions are much appreciated.



I’m also considering the Pyramids and beaches tour but on the 13-27 Aug. I will be travelling alone and was wondering if anyone has done one of these tours alone and what their experience was like as a solo traveller.



Hi guys,
I travelled to Egypt on a Topdeck tour earlier this year and am looking at booking another trip back there next year.

This year I did Pharaohs Footsteps (13 days).

It truly is a wonderful place to visit, unlike anywhere else in the world.

At the moment I am looking at doing Ultimate Egypt in Jan-May 2011 (all depending on when suits best with work) but the beginning if the year is certainly the best time to go weather wise!

I went with my boyfriend on the trip earlier this year, but I no one is available to come with me this time and this is something that has delayed me in actually booking a tour.

I know the website says they will room you with someone if the same sex, but what if you are the only one on your tour travelling on your own? I’m not sure how that works?