Ultimate Egypt March 19th


Hey all,

Am looking at booking the Ultimate Egypt tour departing on March 19th 2013. Before I do so I have one quick question and I’m really hoping someone can help me out =)

Does anyone know what the optional activities available on the tour are? In particular, is there an option to take a camel ride to the pyramids? Or a hot air balloon ride in Luxor (was also looking at an Intrepid tour that offers these and it sounds like so much fun!!). I’ve scoured the Itinerary and all information available on the website, including the PDF file which only refers you back to the itinerary?

Is anyone else looking at traveling on these dates? Too excited…



hey there! i am looking at doing this tour in may though next year! so excited and a little nervous! i’ve read not to do the hot air balloon tours as they’ve been known to get shot down… but don’t know when the most recent incident of that happening was…


hey Guys/GIRLS :slight_smile: i am booking this tour this week should be awsome !! is there many people goin ?


Thanks for replies :slight_smile:

Have decided to postpone my trip to egypt and just keep an eye on whats happening over there! Id just hate to get there and have the itinerary changed or something! Looking to go a couple of months later but waiting for tour dates to be released!

Thanks for the hot air balloon advice - will take that off my to do list hahah