Ultimate egypt late april


Hi guys! So i’m planning on heading over to Egypt this year in late April doing the Ultimate Egypt tour and I’m so so so excited!! I’ve just got back from travelling the UK and Europe and have wanted to go to Egypt my entire life! I’m only 19 so my family is a little concerned about me travelling over there by myself due to the political instability so i wanted to know if anyone had any recent news or advice or anything to help me feel a bit safer about going? :slight_smile: and definitely let me know if you will be on the tour yourself!



I just got back from doing the Spirit of Egypt tour and all i can say is, you can’t tell anything happened. Be aware you are visiting a country with lots of poverty and Cairo is a pretty dirty city, but the people are very friendly and as you’ll be with your tour group pretty much all the time you will never feel unsafe. I stayed a few extra days with my partner and I never felt unsafe even without the tour group, just a little uncomfortable as it was obvious we were tourists and got a lot of stares.

Wear the appropriate clothes and take an open mind and you will have a blast!

Hope this helps.