ultimate egypt in october the 21st


hey there is there any body doin this tour if so leave a message not long to go now yah!!!;D;D;D;D[br][br]marina morris


hey is anybody doin this tour[br][br]marina morris


I’m doing Egypt Explored 16 Dec 2007 - 29 Dec 2007, would love to hear from anyone else who has done it or is doing it, or anyone who has been on a tour with Topdeck in Egypt :slight_smile:


Hi Talene,[br][br]Egypt Explored is one of our most popular trips so highly likely we will get more bookings, especially as its one of the trips that goes over Christmas.[br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita[br]


Sweet! I’ll let my friends know - thanks Anita :smiley: