Ultimate Egypt in July 2012


Anyone planning on going to Egypt July 2012?


Hi Kaity,
I’m also from Canberra, intravelled to Egypt earlier this year and am looking to go again next year.

How long are you going for in July and which tour did you book?



I haven’t booked the tour yet, but I will defs be going on a Egypt tour in July :smiley: I’m looking at the Ultimate Egypt, Pyramids and Beaches…or maybe even a shorter one, I’m not really sure yet. What tour you looking at?


I am looking at going early next year, Jan - April before it gets into the Summer!
I am undecided…as I will be travelling alone I am thinking maybe just stick to one area and just do Egypt. But on the other hand, sinse I’m going all that way I’d like to also do Syria, Jordan and Isreal sinse I’m over that way anyway.

All things to think about!

How long are you looking at going for?



I’m also from the Berra and looking at going in April on the Ultimate Egypt tour. Bit nervous as i’ll be travelling alone!


Hi Kaiti

I am considering going to Egypt in July 2012. Possibly looking at Pyramids & Beaches 30 June - 14 July.


Melissa- ah a fellow Canberran!

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I am also apprehensive about going on my own…! March -April are looking the best for me work wise at the moment and I’m glad because it’s not too hot then either!

How long are you thinking of going for?


Hey all! I will be going on the Ultimate Egypt tour departing Cairo on June 26 2012. I will be flying out of Sydney on June 25. I will be travelling alone but hope to meet some great people whilst exploring Egypt together. Would love to hear from others doing this same tour.