Ultimate Egypt 27th! anyone going?


Hey! I’m Olivia 21 form Australia very excited about going to Egypt!! … Anyone else going on this trip or has been? :slight_smile:


Hey Olivia, [br][br]I went on this trip in jan…it was fantastic!..me and one of my tour mates answered a heap of questions about this trip in another thread…if you do a search of the forum for ‘ultimate egypt’ all our responses are in the thread for the ultimate egypt tour for the 22nd march started by yvonne17…just let me know if you have any other questions :)[br][br]have a good trip![br][br]rowena :slight_smile:


Hey Rowena thanks so much i read through the posts and they were amazing so helpfull and so detailed!! thanks so much :slight_smile: Ive got just got one other question… :smiley: I,ll be travelling for 4 motnhs and by the time I get to Egypt it will have been about 2 moths… ive got a bit of cash but was wondering when you pay for all the entress and extras i belive you do it on the second day? oh and also when paying for the cruise instaed of the fellaca… defintly wont be going on that now!!ha ha Are you able to pay on credit cards for all those things or anyy?? or does it all need top be in cash?.. I,m statring to stress i wont have enough money :frowning: So glad you had an amazing time! :slight_smile: its very exciting! Any fauvorite memories? [br][br]Oh and i forgot to put in the subject which was very clever… that the tours AUGUST 27th. :)[br][br][br]


hey olivia,[br][br]the first night you’ll have a meeting with all the people in your tourgroup and they give you a list of all the optionals and get you tick which ones you want to do and then they’ll add up the cost and tell you to bring the money the next day (some girls on my tour had problems with their cards working at the atms so they were able to pay a couple of days late)…but they really need the money up front so they can pay for the optionals in advance…[br][br]if you are upgrading to the cruise you can organise that through your travel agent or, if you booked directly with topdeck, you can upgrade through topdeck before you go so you’d be able to pay with a credit card for that…but if you don’t tell them you want to upgrade till you get there the people on our tour who did that had to pay with cash…[br][br]all the other optionals were payed in cash although no one asked if they could pay with a credit card so you could contact topdeck and ask directly…i suspect though that if you did want to pay for them on credit you would have to go into the topdeck office in cairo with the tourleader to do it…from memory cash was the main currency pretty much everywhere except at the hotel and at the big tourist shops they take you to (papyrus shop, perfume shop etc but not at the markets or restaurants)…[br][br]i think in the other thread i recommended about $2000 as a minimum for the 3 weeks…but i spent way too much money while was over there (about $4000!) cus i went CRAZY with the shopping…going to the markets nearly everyday if you’re on a budget isn’t a good idea :)[br][br]anyhoo let me know if you have any other questions :)[br][br]rowena :slight_smile: