Ultimate Egypt - 26/06-14/07


Hi all,

Just wondering if any one of you will be going on this tour?




Hey Andrew,

I’ve already booked to do this tour. I’m doing the Alexandria add on straight after as well.

I depart from Sydney on June 25.

I can’t wait, it’s almost here!!! :slight_smile:

U thinking of doing it too?

Where are you travelling from?

Take care,

Ace :slight_smile:


Hey Ace,

Im thinking of doing it. It looks heaps good especially for the price and the places seen. I would also be departing from Sydney and I would also depart on the 25th June.
I already have flights booked with Emirates from 18th July ( STA travel were selling them for half price!) but I now want to go earlier so ill have to change the flights.

Who are you flying with?


Yeah, it really does seem to cover a lot. Should be amazing!!

I booked late last year, so I’m eagerly counting down :slight_smile: I have been wanting to go to Egypt for a while now.

I’m actually flying with Emirates too.

I haven’t got all my docs yet, but I recall it being a day flight, arriving in Cairo during the day of the 26th, in time before the tour group meets up that night.

Keep us updated with what you decide to do :slight_smile:


The tour is visiting the pyramids and the museum on the 27th, so yes, definitely hope we cross paths.

Safe travels…and see you in Egypt :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!!

Just wanted to see if anyone else has booked this tour?

It’s almost here! So excited :slight_smile:


Just found out this tour has been cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Such a shame, was really looking forward to it.