Ultimate Egypt 25 jan


Just wondering if anyone is going to be on that tour…[br]Also im wanting to no if t-shirts and singlets are ok to wear in egypt. What kind of shorts are acceptable for a female to wear without getting hit on. [br][br][br]thanks, megan


Hey,[br]I have just come back from Ultimate Egypt. If you’re blonde you’re going to get hit on no matter what you wear!!! Singlets are not advisable unless you’re in Hurghada and Dahab, or on the felucca or cruise (depending on if you’ve upgraded). The country is 80% muslim so the women over there all cover up, thus men find it acceptable to hit on you, especially if you’re wearing singlets and short shorts. Shorts, nothing shorter than mid thigh and even then you might get some looks frm the locals. I wore no shorts that were above the knee, and non tight tops with sleeves and my hubby still got offered camels for me! Part of it is what they do to get you into their shops. When you go to the markets in Cairo make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes because that place is full on and they make all sorts of comments, and can be touchy feely. It’s totally up to you, nobody will spit on you or anything, but if you do wear singlets or a spaghetti strap dress or soemthing and you’re going to be spending time in Cairo or at markets then be prepared for comments cos you’ll definitely get them.[br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


hey,[br][br]me and my partner are going on this tour…I can’t wait!!..If you’re trying to find some tops to wear, i’ve brought a couple of ‘hippy’ tops from tree of life. They’re $19.95 each, they cover your arms but you can roll the sleeves up to the length you want and they’re really light material, so they won’t be hot and they dry really quickly. The link is below…[br][br]http://www.treeoflife.com.au/s.nl/it.A/id.1065/.f[br][br]hope this helps :)[br][br]see you there,[br]rowena :slight_smile:


Thanks Jasmel,[br]hahaha funny u say that, coz im 18, blonde hair and blue eyes. so im bit scared about that. im a total target. and im not going on the felluca, i upgraded to the cruise coz there is no way im going to the toilet over the side of a boat haha. What was your favourite part of the tour? and any tips for me?[br][br]Rowena, will you be in egypt before and aftre the tour? after its finnished, i’ll be staying at the swiss in. Where about iin Aus will you be comming from? hope to hear from you[br][br][br]meganspeed


well technically you go and dig a hole to go to the toilet in so you’re not really sitting on the edge of the felucca, but that is the same reason we upgraded so I totally understand!!! If you’re really really blonde or your hair is long or you get really self conscious when grown men stare at you and make all sorts of comments, then you might want to wear a headscarf when you go to the markets, especially in Cairo, there’s not much room to move and they like to get your attention any way they can![br]Favourite things were definitely Valley of the Kings (we paid the extra to see Tutankhkamen’s tomb with him in it, totally worth it), hot air balloon over Luxor, quad biking in Hurghada (listen to the tour guy when he tells you to buy a cheap scarf to put over your face, you will need it!!). Abu Simbel was also worth the 3am start, but see if you can go back with a later convoy because we ran out of time and didn’t get to go inside the second temple and found out later that we may have been able to get the later convoy ack (grr!). The only thing we didn’t enjoy was the dinner cruise on the Nile in Cairo, everything else was pretty good.[br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


yeh thanks for that ay. i mite have to invest in a head scarf. im as blonde as paris hilton!!! i have heard alot of bad things about the 1st hotel we stay in. is it as bad as wat i’ve heard? one more thing, how much money did u spend in that 3 weeks? I should have about $3000 AUD and a credit card, will that be enough to have a good time?? and where abouts did most of the people in your tour come from??? [br][br]megan[br][br]meganspeed


Hi Megan,[br][br]We’re arriving the day before the tour starts and leaving at night time on the last day so we get an extra day at the end and at the beginning of tour to explore Cairo. The extra night at the beginning we’re staying at the swiss inn. We’re coming from Brisbane, where are you from in Australia?[br][br]I also had a quick question for Jasmel…In the pdf document for the tour a lot of the optional extras are in US$ and egyptian pounds but I’ve also heard that a lot of the optional things are in euros…so I’m just wondering what type of currency you would recommend taking…should i take all three? :S[br][br]Any help would be great :)[br][br]thanks,[br]rowena


yeh im from perth. i’ll be getting in to egpyt very early in morning of our tour and staying i think 2 days after. hahaha im counting down already. by the end of the 3 weeks, you’ll probs wana kill me lol. im always talking about random **** hahaha. How much spending money are you taking rowena? im unsure how much i need[br][br]megan


hey megan,[br][br]i’m originally from perth too, i miss it heaps! i’ve been counting down for this trip since the middle of this year lol…[br][br]i’m a student so my spending money isn’t going to be too extreme…i’m aiming to save up $2000, but my partner who has a proper job is going to take about $3500 plus his credit card. But we’re playing it safe cus I want to do heaps of shopping so i’d rather have more money than not enough. Our friends just came back from egypt though a said that they (as a couple) spent about $150 a day…so if you’re going by yourself i guess you could budget about $75 a day which is about $1600 for the whole tour…but i don’t think they brought a lot of stuff…[br][br]What would probably give you the best idea is if you go through the pre-departure info and add up all the costs of the optional tours you want to do and the cost of food that isn’t included (i think they recommend about $15 a day)…and then decide how much extra spending money you want to buy extra stuff with…that’s how I ended up with my $2000 figure cus the cost of optional tours and food for me was going to be a bit over $500 so then i’ll have about $1500 to buy pressies and stuff…[br][br]lol a bit of a long winded explanation but I guess it depends how much of a budget you’re on and how many options you want to do[br][br]hope this helps :)[br]rowena


Hey Megan,[br][br]In one of your posts you said that you upgraded to a cruise instead of the felluca trip. I didn’t know that this was an option :S…do you remember how much the udgrade was?[br][br]rowena :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks for that. im sure i will have enough. At the moment in working every single day up until i leave for and start holidays. im going to have about $3000 plus credit card. I just applyed for one and the bank said yes!!! hopefully i dont go too wild on it lol. Amd im taking a travelex cash passport too. it enables you to use your own money but use any atm in egypt and get the local currancy. [br][br]And yeah i upgraded to the cruise ship for the 3 days coz i have a bit of a toilet and shower issue. It cost me $300 for 3 nights, i thought that was pretty reasonable. If you dont want to sleep on a deck of a boat, join me on the cruise ship and we can have a few drinks, sounds good to me. just get your fella to pay for it lol.[br][br]I just hope we get a good group of people together and that we all get along :)[br][br]Megan xx


you can upgrade to the cruise once you start the tour. At the tour group meeting the first night we talked about upgrading and got our list of optionals that we paid for the next day so don’t stress if you haven’t upgraded and you want to.[br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


okay, i hit enter and it posted my reply efore i finished!!! In Cairo we stayed at Swiss Inn twice (comfy beds and pillows, not the greatest showers, is reasonably clean), The Indiana (we got given a suite which was awesome, bed comfy, pillows hard), and the delta pyramids (awesome view of the pyramids, hard bed, hard pillows, nil alcohol served, leaky air con, great shower!!). If you stay at Indiana, the Sheraton is close by and has the best buffet brekky ever and f you go to the sheraton casino you can eat and drink for free as long as you’re playing, and you’re given a membership card which is a cool little souvenir!!![br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


Thanks jasmel…[br][br]your very imformative, and i am greatfull for it ay.[br][br]did your group party much? im a bit of a party animal and love a couple of drinks (ok maybe a few!). so any good touristy bars to go to over there??? just hope im not the only one that wants to do this. hahaha. im trying to fugure out in AUD how much it cost to go to abu simble. i have no idea. could you lead me in the right direction?[br][br]your a legend![br][br]Megz[br]


Hey,[br]partying wise we drank at the hotels we were staying in (Aswan, if you stay at the El Basma where we stayed, is awesome they have a great bar with pool tables and an outdoor area where you can eat and drink) until we got to Hurghada where we found a jazz bar playing dodgy western music (until Kel took over the cd player!). Dahab has a great pub if you’re going there called Tota Bar (it’s the big boat shaped place, you can’t miss it), but there’s lots of other pubs there as well purely for tourists. We roughly divided Egyptian prices by 4 to get aussie dollar equivalent (I think the exchange rate was actually 3.7 but that made it too hard!!!), so Abu SImbel was 80LE (Egyptian pounds), which isn’t much aussie dollar wise and I thought it was worth seeing, more so if we’d gotten to see both temples!!![br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


Hey, I think I may have lead you astray with Abu Simbel. While the entrance fee is 80LE I vaguely remember we also had to pay in english pounds as well, which makes it dearer. Again, if you can work it out so that you get enough time to see both temples then it’s worth it (in my opinion anyway). We went to a perfume factory afterwards so have a bit of extra cash in case you want to buy souvenir perfume bottles (roughly 120LE each and very pretty, avoid the taller more narrow ones though cos one of mine has a bit broken off it, can’t really tell though, from being lugged around Egypt for the remaining part of my tour!!!). Sorry about the mix up!![br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


omg u have helped me so much ay.[br]going all by myself is a bit daunting.[br]did u have many solo travellers on your tour??[br][br]megan


not a problem at all, happy to share my experiences. We had a group of 10 and 2 of them were solo travllers, one chick and one guy and they didn’t seem to have any problems.[br][br]Ultimate Egypt 19 Oct - 8 Nov 2008


hey jasmel,[br][br]in one of your posts you said:[br][br]'At the tour group meeting the first night we talked about … our list of optionals that we paid for the next day '[br][br]just wondering if these were paid all in the one currency? (and do you remember which? :S )[br][br]any help would be great :)[br][br]thanks,[br]rowena


woops…i forgot to ask…do you know how we organise the ‘complimentary transfer’ from the airport? also, is there the same free transfer back to the airport when the tour had ended?[br][br]thanks for your help! i’m stressing out about having to organise everything lol :)[br][br]thanks,[br]rowena :slight_smile: