Ultimate Egypt 22march


Hello! Just wondering is anyone else going to be on this tour…[br][br]Has anyone done this tour before? Any advice or tips that I can get from anyone who done this trip before? Do I still have to bring a sleeping bag with me if I have already upgraded from felucca to a cruise boat? [br][br]Thanks


Hey yvonne17,[br][br]Yay! I’m on the Ultimate Egypt Trek on the 22st March too! Woo hoo!!![br][br]I was worried that I would be the only one on the Ultimate Egypt Trek and everyone else would be on the separate treks… but now I know that at least one person is on the whole thing :slight_smile: I have even upgraded to the cruise boat too![br][br]I’m really looking forward to it… even though Cairo has just had another bombing! Doh![br][br]I’ve travelled a lot in my life and last year I spent 7 months travelling around the world. I have lots of tips concerning travelling so just ask if you need any advice.[br][br]I would recommend bringing a sleeping bag with you anyway. You never know when you’ll need it… like if there are not enough sheets and your cold, if there are NO sheets, to use as a pillow or even if you don’t fancy sleeping in the sheets because they are too dirty![br][br]Looking forward to meeting you and any more Egypt trekkers![br][br]Matthew.


Hi Matthew,[br][br]I’m glad to know that they are someone else on this tour. I’m very excited and started to count down the days. [br][br]I do have a few questions that I would like to ask…[br][br]What currency should i bring? I noticed the local payment is in US dollar and the optionals are all in pounds.[br][br]Should i change some Egyptian pounds in Australia or change it in the Cairo airport?[br][br]Thanks. Looking forward to meet you in Egypt.[br][br][br]Ivonne


Hey Yvonne,[br][br]To answer your questions?[br][br]I’ll be bringing a mixture of US dollars and Egyptian pounds with me. But I’ll also be taking cards. I find cards better as you won’t have to carry all your money with you for the length of the trek.[br][br]While travelling I found that the best and most accepted currency is the US dollar (in Cambodia I got huffed at by a waitress because I was paying in Riel rather than in US dollars! This meant that they had to take the bill back, convert the amount from US dollars into Riel and give it back to me. More fool me for trying to pay using Cambodia’s own currency!!!).[br]From what I’ve read, most of the tourists in Egypt are American. Therefore I would expect the US dollar to be just as accepted as the Egyptian pound? maybe more so as the US dollar is stronger than the Egyptian pound at the moment.[br][br]In my experience its always best getting currency changed before you go as you can look around and get the best deals. Plus I usually find that exchange rates are worse in Airports, stations, hotels, etc? than at high street Bureau de Change outlets.[br][br]I hope this helps.[br][br]Do you have a Facebook account? It would be good to recognise you before the trek induction.[br][br]Matthew.


Hey Matthew,[br][br]Thanks for answering my quetions. It is really helpful.[br][br]Yeah, I think i will exchange some Egyptian Pounds and US dollar beforehand. I’m still trying to work out how much money should i budget for this trip ( for the optionals and food). [br][br]I do have a facebook account.[br][br]Ivonne:)


hey guys,[br][br]i just got back from this tour 2 weeks ago, so just let me know if you have any questions cus i know i had a million when i was planning for this trip…[br][br]our whole group upgraded to the cruise and i took my sleeping bag any way, i only used it twice though…if you have a sleeping bag that won’t take up too much space in your suitcase it will come in handy on the overnight train to aswan cus it gets really cold in the carriage…but the sheets, etc at the hotels were all clean, we didn’t feel the need to use a sleeping bag at any of them…[br][br]as far as money goes, there is a limit of 3000 egyptian pounds being brought into the country per person, although i very much doubt you would get checked…we took american money as well as egyptian pounds but we only used the US currency to pay for an optional day tour to petra in jordan… but any of the optional extras you can pay for in egyptian pounds anyway so you really don’t need to take any other currency other than egyptian pounds unless you really want to…do try and get your hands on some smaller currency notes though if you can cus they’re a lot easier to get change for than the bigger notes…if you really don’t want to get currency before you go there is an atm practically next door to the hotel in cairo that you can get money from…unless you are lucky enough to get flown into the new terminal at cairo airport (only one person in our group did) i would not recommend getting money exchanged at the airport, it is the dodgiest airport i’ve ever been to and was a bit of a shock when we flew in at 2am in the morning…[br][br]anyway, hope that helps, just let me know if you have any other questions…this trip was awesome, have fun![br][br]rowena :slight_smile:


Hey Rowena,[br][br]You are right, I felt like I really have a million of questions that I like to ask. [br][br]How is the overnight train like?[br][br]Are there any optional that is not on the pre-departure list?[br][br]If you don’t mind I asking, how much do you spent on this trip? I still trying to work out how much money should I bring.[br][br]Do you go for all the optional on the list? Any recommended things that I should go for?[br][br]Is it going to be very cold on the summit of Mt Sinai? How long does it take to climb Mt Sinai?[br][br]My sleeping bag is really bulky and take up heaps of space. Just wondering whether a sleeping bag liner would be enough for this trip?[br][br]Do you have any advice on what I should pack in my suitcase? Do I have to cover up ( long sleeves and long pants) in Egypt?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Ivonne


Hi guys,[br]i did the tour with Rowie below in the topic. [br]just a few things i would like to share with you before you go. i had a really great time on the tour but i also had a very bad situation wich i dont want any girls to get themselves into. [br][br]My group was drinking one night and i was left alone with my tour leader alone in my room,(i was the only female solo and im only 18) i fell asleep after a massage and when i woke up, he was kissing and rubing his face on my back. Then stareted to pull my pants down to try and finger me. After i said no, he asked for sex. [br][br]i was very upset the next morning. My mother was organizing flights for me to go home. This man ended up getting the sack and we got a new tour leader straight away. Topdeck handeled it great. wich im very thankful for.[br][br]All im saying is just be careful. The culture is very different to what we have back home. I stayed and finished the tour which im glad i did!!![br][br]We had a ball with our new leader (Amr) he is the bomb. He is the king of dahab and cairo. Very well connected man![br][br]I was like the problem child of topdeck… be careful when playing volleyball in hurghada. we were playing with the locals and i broke my hand. Wich cost me 300 euro!!! i missed out on the snorkling in the red sea and a few aother activities. But i still had a good time! trust me, even with the crap that happened i still wana go back. have fun guys[br]


Thank you for the advice concerning the trip, Rowena & Paulealex. Can I just ask a question?[br][br]I understand that the time given to visit each site is very limited so I want to make the most of what I have when I?m there. Therefore, are there any monuments or museums which are not worth going to or paying extra to visit? I?ve been told not to bother going into a lot of the underground tombs because they are just bare, empty rooms with faded barely noticeable hieroglyphs on the walls.[br][br]Megz90, I?m sorry to hear about your bad experience with the tour leader. At least that man has now been sacked and won?t be able to do anything like that again.


Hey Ivonne and Matt,[br][br]i’ll try and answer your questions as best i can :)[br][br][br]Ivonne:[br][br]How is the overnight train like?[br][br]the over night train is for tourists only so it is better than the local egyptian trains. However, i was warned by everyone else in my group that the toilets were really really disgusting so i didn’t go to the bathroom for the whole 16hr train ride (i was the only one that made it lol), apparently they never get cleaned. There is a toilet at the train station before you board the train but it is a squat toilet and the doors do not lock. But they’re not too gross so it’s probably a better option than the toilets on the train if you think you can hold it that long, otherwise just try and use the train toilets as early as possible in the train ride so they don’t get too disgusting. [br][br]Seating wise, our group was split up over a couple of compartments but in the same carriage. There is 6 seats per a compartment and the seats are upright, they don’t recline (so i’d recommend a blow up pillow). You might get some random in your carriage with you, we had one businessman. Oh one really lame thing is that all the baggage for the 6 people in your compartment goes in the compartment with you and there isn’t much in the way of overhead storage. For us that meant 6 big suitcase in the middle of the compartment and no leg space. The compartments are clean though, so the only really bad thing on the train was the toilets and how long the trip is. Oh but like i said before i would recommend taking a sleeping bag, it was pretty cold. If you need a really little one to fit into your suitcase i got mine from here:[br][br]http://www.gogogear.com.au/shopexd.asp?id=457[br][br]it fits in the palm of your hand and it only weighed 500g. I’m not sure about a sleeping bag liner, cus i’ve never had one but my sleeping bag was meant to be good to 10C and i was still a bit cold. And if you’re planning on climbing mt sinai it would definately come in handy there cus it is freezing up there.[br][br][br]Are there any optional that is not on the pre-departure list?[br][br]i had a quick look at the pre-departure info and as far as i can remember there is two things that aren’t there but it was only cus we requested to do the activities. One is a day trip you can do to alexandria at the beginning of the tour during your day off in cairo. Only two girls on our trip did that, i think it was US250. They get their own car, driver and tour guide for the day. They left about 7am and got back at about 9pm. They said it was really good but that there was a lot of driving involved.[br][br]The other thing was a day trip to petra, jordan on one of your days off in dahab. That was US250 each. It is a long day though, you leave at 4am and get back at 11pm. If you know petra and went to see it i would definately recommend it. You get a little bus from the hotel to a service station, then a big tour bus from the service station to the port (i think that took about 3hrs). Then you catch a ferry from the port to the bottom of jordan and another bus from there to petra (that was i think about 4hrs but i can’t remember exactly cus i slept most of the way). Then you do the tour which takes maybe 3hrs wandering around and you get lunch at the meridian hotel which was really good food. If you plan do this optional though make sure to rug up because it was freezing. My boyfriend forgot his jumper and was wearing shorts and a tshirt and his arms started to turn blue cus he was so cold. It is a massive day though so try and get some sleep beforehand, we had about 2hrs sleep which was not a good idea! Oh and you are with a tour group that is organised through another tour company, not topdeck.[br][br]Apart from this they ask you to pay for your optional extras at the beginning of the tour (i think it cost us about 600 australian and we did pretty much everything). Oh now i remember the diving isn’t included if you want to go at hurghada or dahab i think hurghada it was 50 egyptian and dahab was 100 egyptian. And if you want to go into tutankhamuns tomb i think that was 100 egyptian, and the mummy room at the cairo museum was 100 egyptian i think (if you don’t want to fork out for that try the animal mummy room, this is free)[br][br][br]If you don’t mind I asking, how much do you spent on this trip? I still trying to work out how much money should I bring.[br][br][br]i’m probably not the best person to ask about the money thing, cus we went over with the two biggest suitcases you can imagine and came back with one completely full of souveniours as well as my carry on bag. we had to thow a whole suitcase full of clothes out to get it all back and we were still 10kg over our baggage allowance! But if i hadn’t brought so much stuff i probably could have managed on 3000 australian (including the optional extras), 2000 australian if i was carefull. But it’s more fun to go on holidays with too much money than not enough! Overall i think we spent $8000 btw the two of us but like i said i went nuts with the shopping, i was in the markets pretty much everyday![br][br]Do you go for all the optional on the list? Any recommended things that I should go for?[br][br]i think the only things our group didn’t do was the Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple (cus we went to the one at cairo), the horse ride at dahab, and the hot air ballooning. definantly do abu simbel, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Nubian dinner (w/ the camel ride), and most of the ppl really got into the quad biking at hurghada (i was a bit of a sook and went on the back of my boyfriends bike on the way back cus i kept accidently runing off the trail and getting in trouble).[br][br][br]Is it going to be very cold on the summit of Mt Sinai? How long does it take to climb Mt Sinai?[br][br]i wasn’t feeling to well the morning/night of mt sinai so i ended up sleeping on the bus for the night but everyone who climbed said it was freezing. Instead of taking bulky clothes that take up space in your suitcase, everyone who climbed just stacked on heaps of layers to keep warm. How long it takes to climb depends on your fitness, some ppl took 2hrs, some ppl took a little over 3hrs, and about an hour to go down. But it is supposed to be pretty strenuous so if your really not fit maybe rethink this one. But if you do decide not to go you share the bus with everyone else who doesn’t go until the morning (was not very comfortable!- again take a blow up pillow!). And this was the other time we used our sleeping bags, me on the bus and my boyfriend on the mountain.[br][br]Do you have any advice on what I should pack in my suitcase? Do I have to cover up ( long sleeves and long pants) in Egypt?[br][br]-blow up pillow[br]-sleep mask[br]-hand sanitiser[br]-baby wipes[br]-sunscreen[br]-2 pullovers/ hoodies (we only took one each thinking it wouldn’t be cold but it was - in the morning and at night)[br]-long pants (cus it was cold during the day some days but take shorts as well)[br]-enclosed shoes (megan learnt this one the hard way - walking through rubbish in thongs is not a fun experience)[br]-swimsuit (bikinis are ok)[br]-lots of socks and undies for the time in btw washes[br]-lock for your suitcase for when you’re out of the hotel room[br]- pegless clothesline[br]- extra memory cards for your camera[br]-waterproof disposable camera if you’re going diving in dahab[br]-scarf to use as a headscarf if you want to visit any of the mosques (also came in handy when it was cold)[br][br]me and a couple of the other girls wore these hippy tops (i brought 6):[br][br]http://www.treeoflife.com.au/Catalogue/Tops/India-Kurta[br][br]with knee length shorts or long pants and enclosed shoes pretty much everyday. You can get away with tshirts if you want, i lot of the girls wore them. But the less you wear the more you’ll get hassled (especially if you have blond hair). But there was a lot of russians in mini skirts and mid drif tops but i wouldn’t recommend that. Really just don’t wear anything too short or have you boobs falling out lol. [br][br]oh one good tip: when you’re in cairo there is a corner store 2mins down the road where big bottles of water cost 2 egyptian. stock up, because some ppl will want to charge you up to 10 egyptian. We would buy 8 bottles at a time and negotiate to get bottles for 2 egyptian each since we were buying in bulk when we got outside of cairo. Oh and don’t eat pasta (they rinse it in cold water) or lettuce/sald (same reason).[br][br][br]Matt[br][br]I understand that the time given to visit each site is very limited [br][br]the time they give you at each site i felt was fairly reasonable, except maybe at the pyramids i would have liked a bit longer[br][br][br]are there any monuments or museums which are not worth going to or paying extra to visit?[br][br]after a while all the temples look the same but if i did it again i would still go see all of them…the only things that were really lame was the sound and light show in cairo on the last night (only good for the cool photos) and the snorkelling at hurghada (all the coral was dead)…but if you don’t go on the things the group is going to you get stuck at the hotel/ on the bus depending where you are, which is boring so you may as well go i guess…oh and the high dam was lame but you stop at that for only 10 mins on your way to something else[br][br]I?ve been told not to bother going into a lot of the underground tombs because they are just bare, empty rooms with faded barely noticeable hieroglyphs on the walls.[br][br]the tombs you get to go into that are included in the cost of going to the valley of the kings are definantly worth going inside, they were big and had stuff on the ceilngs and walls, and a different experience to the temples you see before that. If you want to go into tutankhamuns tomb that is extra and there is not much in the way of decoration there, it is a blank, short shaft with one decorated room at the end and his shrivelled mummy in a glass case. While it wasn’t much, i was still glad i went in. We were told not to bother with the shaft you can go into at the pyramids though cus it is just blank. [br][br][br]anyway hope this all helps, hope i didn’t write too much lol[br][br]i hope you guys get amr too, he was awesome…he was 25 i think and had lots of contacts in all the places we visited…mohammed seemed pretty good too if you get him…[br][br]anyway just let me know if you have any other questions![br][br]rowena :)[br][br]


Wow, Rowena! Thank you so much for all the information. I?ve taken on board what you said and as a result I think I will now visit as much as I can within the tombs?[br]However, I?m still undecided about whether to go inside the Pyramids or not. You are the second person to say that it?s just a bare shaft, but to say that you have been inside would be good? I can annoy my friends by mentioning that ?I?ve been inside that? every time they are shown on the TV! :)[br][br]Oh, one more thing? Are there any local delicacies you would recommend? Foodwise or drinkwise? Or even any amazing restaurant you found along the way? I always like trying the local food when travelling rather than just living off pizza & burgers… although I am inevitably drawn to those things near the end of treks :frowning:


Hi… i thought i wood answer this one for Row,[br]The first thing i wood like to mention is that they put cinamon in EVERYTHING!!! you’ll be so sick of it by the time your tour is finished. Our group was like “not this again”. its even in the tomato sauce. Im a huge sauce fan ( Row can vouch for this) and its nothing like to what u have back home. But the main foods are rice, bread, kebabs, and any other carb u can think of. We liked waling everywhere so we could burn off all the carbs we ate during the day.[br]On the cruise, you get a buffet breaky lunch and dinner everyday. Trust me, you feel very fat by the end of it all. If u get amr, he will take u to a dodgy cafe place in luxor but the food there was the best i had the hole trip! oh and if your from aus… take vegimite with u! i never thought i wood crave it so much in my life. but once u dont have it, the more you want it.[br][br]And i have some tips for u all…[br]- take Detoll (understatement)[br] i was the detoll nazi in my group its was like OCD. i wood stand outside the toilets and squirt it in everyones hands. and use it after u have handled money. this was my best friend over there. And i didnt get sick the whole trip till the end, and i think it was the detoll that kept the bug away.[br][br]take a roll of toilet paper from home[br]it comes in handy when the hotel cleaners “forget” to put more in your room. And the stuf u use at home is always better than thiers.[br]I gave mine to one of the boys when climbing mt sinai coz he was sick, he was very thankfull for it. Thankgod for kleenex.[br][br]beware of the local alcohol-[br]This stuf is brutal!!! its cheap but nasty. it has double the amount of alcohol content in it and they use any ingredients they like. My vodka 7up (they dont no what lemonade is)tasted like wasing powder. they also dont use measures so its just free pour. Worst hangover ever. i recommend taking a stroll to get duty free. [br][br]The train toilet-[br]I felt violated after i came out. i tried to hold as long as i could but i just had to go. these never get cleaned, the whole bowl is black, wee all over the floor, and god it smells. To flush it, you press the pedal on the floor and all our business goes out onto the train track. i’ll never forget that toilet[br][br]anything else guys just ask me and Row xo[br]


Hey… [br][br]Thanks everyone for all the tips and advices regarding this trip. Especially Rowena, thanks for taking your time answering all my questions. Just one more question to ask…I’m interested in the day trip to Jordan. Just wondering do you apply the visa for Jordan beforehand or it can be obtain upon arrival at Jordan border? You mentioned about the day trip to Jordan was not organized my Topdeck. So, which tour company do you join?[br][br]Megz90, sorry to hear about your experience with the tour leader. Thanks for sharing the information and it make me more aware of the cultural differences.


thanks so much for all of that, im going on the Egypt Explored trip in October (14 days). Me and my partner and 4 of our friends are going. I juts wanted to ask about money - I went to Eurpoe last year and did the same as you row, i brought everything!!! so this time im being good and going on a budget, and also workig out a budget for my 4 friends (who have never been o/s) I have said $2000 including 500 for optionals. You said if you were careful you would be ok with that amount??? I just dont want to miss out on anything!!! Also the light and sound show in Cairo? Would you maybe recommend trying the one in Karnak instead? Did many people get sick? I have worked in kitchens for years and now work in a meat works so im already paranoid about food!! Might take some muslie bars with me!


oh and megz I know what you mean about the Hand sanitizer stuff, i was bad enough in Eurpoe, every time we got off the tube, toilets i made my boyfriend use it!!Amazing stuff!!


Hey guys,[br][br]i’m glad my essay came in useful lol…i’ll try and answer the rest of your questions as best i can :)[br][br]Are there any local delicacies you would recommend? Foodwise or drinkwise? Or even any amazing restaurant you found along the way?[br][br]definantly try the dips like babaganoush, which are served with flat bread. For some reason though we often found they were listed on the salads menu, like yoghurt salad meant tzatziki. Some of the places you go will even serve this kind of stuff free with your meal. Moussaka (stew/curry thing served with rice) was also good. There’s also lots of stuff grilled/bbqed and koftas (skinless sausage). A lot of the desserts taste the same but the bacclava (aka lady’s fingers) were good. One place we even got a whole pigeon stuffed with spiced rice which was really tasty. Oh but like megan said you will definantly get sick of cinnamon! Cinnamon rice, cinnamon stew, cinnamon tomato sauce blah![br][br]In terms of restaurants, all the local places we went we were taken to by our tour leader, and this is probably the best source of good, safe places to eat. Just make sure you nag them to take you to some of the local places cus they will probably assume that you just want to eat maccas and other junk. But do be prepared to eat a lot of crap food. The included breakfasts a lot of the time is just pastries, and you’ll often get stuck eating really gross western food like badly cooked hamburgers and pizza and hot dogs. So whatever chance you get eat the local food if it’s safe to do so because you’ll be so sick of (and bloated from) the dodgy western food along the way. Good idea to avoid the street stalls though cus they were meant to be a guarantee of getting sick. If you go to the restaurant we went to in dahab (we ate there every night we were there) you get free entree (dips and bread or soup) and free dessert (crepes and fruit) and you get a discount of the menu price that increases every additional night you eat there. If you go there definantly try the thickshakes they were awesome![br][br]Just wondering do you apply the visa for Jordan beforehand or it can be obtain upon arrival at Jordan border? [br][br]if you are from certain countries (australia, europe, etc) you’re automatically guaranteed a visa into jordan which you get stamped into your passport when you get off the ferry. This bit was easy, but if you can, get your visa for egypt before you even get to egypt (i.e. send off your passport to your local egyptian consulate in your country before you leave for your tour) but get a multiple entry visa. This is because when you re-enter egypt after being to jordan you need a new visa. When we went, we had done this and had a multiple entry visa and we would have gotten through customs at the port in egypt quicker because we just needed a re-entry stamp. The girls we were travelling with though only had a single entry visa, so while that wasn’t a problem, it meant we had to wait for everyone else to go through customs before they could be issued a new visa because it had to be organised and approved. So if you can get a multiple entry vise before you go to egypt, it will mean that it will save you time at the airport when you fly in at the beginning of the tour because you won’t need to organise your first visa, and it will save you time when you re-enter egypt after visiting jordan cus you won’t have to wait for a new visa to be issued. Also, depending on the tour you get to petra they may want to charge you extra for having to organise you this re-entry visa. But if it’s too much hassle to organise before you go then you don’t need to (because everything can be organised when you get to egypt) but it can come in handy.[br][br]You mentioned about the day trip to Jordan was not organized my Topdeck. So, which tour company do you join?[br][br]i can’t remember the name of the tour group we did it through but if you give your topdeck tour leader a heads up that you want to do this day trip he will organise the whole thing for you and get you the best price. Then he’ll just want the payment and a copy of your passport and tell you when and where to rock up and give you a breakfast box. You’ll do it during one of your days in dahab and there is a bunch of tour groups that it can be organised through. Your tour group for the day will be bigger than your topdeck group though, our topdeck group was 9 ppl, our petra day trip was maybe 30 ppl. All transfers, entry costs and lunch were included in our payment for the day trip.[br][br]I have said $2000 including 500 for optionals. You said if you were careful you would be ok with that amount[br][br]because you’re going on the 14 day tour i reckon that amount would be fine…if i hadn’t gone crazy with the shopping i would have been fine on the $3000 i’d planned on, and i went on the 21 day tour. I’d recommend taking a credit card though (as emergency back up only) and it came in useful when i wanted to make large purchases (like the $1000 i spent on papyrus in cairo and the $1000 i spent at the jewellers in luxour :s )[br][br][br]Also the light and sound show in Cairo? Would you maybe recommend trying the one in Karnak instead?[br][br]we only went to the sound and light show in cairo, which was pretty lame (only good for the photos)…but if you ask your tour leader he’s probably seen both and can tell you which one is better[br][br]Did many people get sick?[br][br]i think most ppl got midly sick (feeling sick in the stomach but nothing else) but that only lasted a day or two…a few people got diahorea but not everyone, and not really severly like you think you’re going to when you go to egypt…only one girl got really sick and missed some things but that was because she kissed a guys hand in the market (which was covered in dirt and whatever else you can think of) in exchange for a a discount on some necklaces, so don’t kiss any of the locals, especially there hands cus you don’t know where they’ve been lol[br][br]im already paranoid about food!! [br][br]if you don’t want to get sick, stick to the restaurants recommended by the tour leader and the hotel food. Avoid salad, pasta and local stalls and continuously dettol and wash your hands. Oh and don’t sit down on the toilet seats in the public toilets (squat) or at least clean it down with some baby wipes.[br][br][br]hope this all helps, keep the questions coming if you have any left :)…oh and in the way of cultural differences be prepared to be hassled from the time you leave the hotel/ tour bus till you get back (‘spicy lady’, ‘i give you good egyptian price’, etc, etc)…it’s mostly to get your attention to buy stuff, and can get really annoying but if your learn to make a joke of it it’s not as painful[br] [br]have a good day :)[br]rowie :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Rowie and Megs, if you ever go to Europe and need some advice ill be all yours! Sounds like you had an awesome time, I cant wait to go!! 8 months feels too far away![br]


Aye, that?s goes ditto for me. Thank you for all the help. If you ever need a tour guide in Newcastle, England (we are just near the border of Scotland), I?ll be happy to show you round the city.


hahaha i’ll definatly keep you to that :stuck_out_tongue:


hey guys,[br][br]glad our info was useful…i’ll try and keep an eye on the forum in case you have any questions closer to your tour…[br][br]have a fantastic holiday![br][br]rowie :slight_smile: