Ultimate egypt 21 october 2007


hi is there any 1 thinkin of doin the ultimate egypt on the 21 october 2007… cos me and my partner and his mum are goin to do it here some ? for the ones who have done it is the weather hot and how much spendin moni do we take in n.zd money we were thinkin of taken 2000.00 dollas[br][br]marina morris


Hi Marina,[br][br]Its good to hear that you are thinking of travelling with Topdeck in October. The average temperature in October for Egypt is between 18 and 35 degrees.[br][br]For spending money we recommend approximately ?150.00 per week which works out to be around NZD$430.00 per week so $2,000 will be plenty. This also depends on how much you intend to shop, drink and eat![br][br]I hope this helps![br][br]Sarah (Topdeck London)


thank u 4 ur reply so when do we need to fully pay our tour by is there a cut off date for the tour if so can u explain how that works[br][br]marina morris


Hi Marina,[br][br]In regards to payment for all of our trips, you need to pay ?60.00 deposit to secure your possition on the trip and final payment is due 6 weeks prior to the date of departure. [br][br]Let me know if you have any other questions[br][br]Sarah


hi [br]thankx for reply can u give me an estimate for 3 adults single supplement for 1 person and upgrade 2 the 4 star cruise boat and ani other extras we have to pay 4 in nz$.[br]could you email me any info on priceing for activies during the free days in dahab/hurghada very much apprchated my email address is gataua@xtra.co.nz;D[br][br]marina morris


Hi Marina,[br][br]I have emailed a quote to you.[br][br]Let me know if you have any other questions.[br][br]Sarah


hey top deckers[br]thanx 4 the email i was wonderin if you can give me the name of the hotel in cairo the one where we meet at cos we will get there 2 days earlier jus wonderin if we could stay there for those two days til the tour starts[br][br]marina morris


Hi Faith[br][br]If you read my other posts my partner and I have just returned from Egypt and the Ultimate Egypt tour. I have offered answers to other posters. AS for the hotel in Cairo, you will meet at either the Indianna or the Mayorca (sister hotels) we arrived two days earlier that the tour was due to start and it was ok, the Indianna is better placed to move around.[br][br]Hope this helps, if you have any questions I’d be happy to help, just check out my other posts for answers and email address.[br][br]Bec


Hi Bec[br][br]I am going on the Ramses Adventure on April 22-29 2007 (Cairo-Luxor-Hurghada). We will be staying at the Indiana Hotel at Cairo, and was wondering how the hotel was as you said you stayed there. Also, is there anything you can advise or recommend in Egypt, this is my first visit and also booking with a tour.[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Sonik.


;Dhay ur questions r quite helpfull to me as well thanx everyone;D


;)hay everyone readin this is there anyone else doin this tour ultimate tour 21 days in egypt oct 21st???


hay not to be a pain and ask the same q’s but it is geting closer now so;D anyone doing this tour???