Ultimate Egypt - 21 days or 19 days?


To Topdeck Administrator

I have noticed on the Ultimate Egypt tour dates that the trips daparting up to 24 Apr 2011 are 21 days but from 10 May 2011 onwards they are only 19 days with a lesser price charged.

Just wondering if this tour is changing from 10 May 2011? If so, will there be an amended itinerary posted? When will we find out if these later tours are guaranteed departure?



Hi Gazz,

Thanks for your post. We’re currently in the process of loading our Egypt 2011 program - we hope to have these done in the next week or two. You’re right at noticing though that the Ultimate Egypt trip will change to 19 days from May 2011 onwards. An updated itinerary, trip dates & prices, what’s included etc. will be posted shortly & the availability updated accordingly, so definitely keep checking the website.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Topdeck Team