Ultimate Egypt 19th June


Hi! I’m about to book Ultimate Egypt for the 19th of June to the 9th of July, I’m 18 and will be travelling alone for the first time :slight_smile:
is anyone else looking at going at that time? or if you have been on this trip before is it good?



I will also be doing this trip, although you’ll find it has been changed to a 19 day trip instead of a 21 day trip. (check with you agent if this is news to you!!)
I’m 22 and also from Melbourne. I’m travelling with a friend, but good on you for doing it alone! I did the European Winter Spirit by myself last year, and made so many friends… and found that the majority of travellers on my tour were Aussies!! Definitely helped break the ice!
Have you booked your flights yet? I’m still searching for a good fare…


Catch ya later!!