Ultimate Aussie Adventure Oct 11, 2017



I am going on the ultimate Aussie adventure in October 2017 and I was wondering if anyone had any packing tips? What to bring…clothes…toiletries…laundry detergent? Haha. Also does anyone know how often we can or have time for laundry on this trip?

I am super excited but so nervous because this is my first trip alone so as many recommendations or tips you can give me would be very much appreciated!

Also if anyone else is going during this tour, please feel free to rely, we can all get to know each other prior to meeting =)



We have access to laundry mats in all major cities and lots of towns in between. Most decent hotels you stay at will also have laundry facilities as do caravan parks.

Depending on when/where you plan to travel etc will depend on what you should pack. Do pack the following:

  • High deet (80%) mosquito spray/cream
  • Sunscreen 50% SPF (Our UV rays are extremely high even on a cloudy day)
  • We run a 4G mobile phone network some places are 3G and some places there’s no network (outback, desert, high country) Best Sim to ensure service in Australia is a Telstra PrePaid(they have more network coverage than any other network)
  • All hotels(not backpackers or caravan parks) should supply shampoo, conditioner, soap and towels.

Im an aussie and live in both Country Victoria and in the Pilbara (north Western Australia - desert). I’ve travelled to otherstates also and lived in QLD. Feel free to ask questions I’m more than happy to answer if I can or I’m sure there will be stacks of other Aussies on here that could help also.


Although if your coming from the UK or somewhere cold then don’t bring your own sunscreen! It doesn’t seem to have the same ingredients as Aussie stuff! So buy it here if you can or you will end up being a tomato! :slight_smile: xx


Hi! Thanks for the reply. So I am also spending about 3 days in Sydney. I was wondering what the best way was to get around? What top attractions to see there? Where to eat? The most inexpensive place to sleep…stuff like that? I am so excited! Also I was curious what the weather will be like in October - November.

Thank you so much!


October to November can get in the high 20s celsius range. You may find a light jumper at night during October. November is getting almost in summer, so can possibly get hotter during the day and cooler (early 20s) at night.

Check out Taronga Zoo, the buses and trains are ok, there’s always Uber. Bondi is a hit, but always crowded. Aussie cuisine is interpretive. Maybe find a quirky burger place somewhere, they’re everywhere.

Your accommodation is already taken care of with Topdeck.


Thanks for the help!


No worries :slight_smile:


Hey I’m on this trip. Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: X


Yay! I’m looking forward to meeting you too! What day are you gonna get to Melbourne??


Few days ago me and my family going for a vacation in Australia. Amazing natural view. very comfortable to stay in Luxury lodges.