Ultimate Aussie Adventure 13 NOV 2016 - Melbourne


Hello everyone,

I’ve booked the Ultimate Aussie Adventure trip from Melbourne to Sydney, starting on the 13th of november this year and I was wondering if there’s anyone else who booked this trip also?

Maybe there are people from the Netherlands who also are traveling from the airport in Amsterdam on the 11th of november :slight_smile:

I’m very excited but also a little bit scared because i’m traveling on my own for the first time!


Hey Dutchie!
I’m from Austria and I also want to book this tour. :wink:



Nice! I’m so excited! Can’t want!

Maybe I wil see you then (if your booking the trip) in Hong Kong when we have to switch planes!

(sorry for my english :smile: )

Bye Bye


Hy Dutchie!
I think I will book the trip and I am also travelling to New Zealand after the Ultimate Aussie Tour :wink:
My stopover will be in Dubai, so we do not see each other in Hong Kong.
When do you arrive in Melbourne?


Hy Dutchie, just wanted to let you know that I have booked the trip :wink:


Hi Raflash,


I wil arrive on the 12th of november late in the evening/almost at midnight, then I have to travel from the airport to my Hostel, and you?


I will arrive on the 11th of November at midnight, so I have the possibiliy to explore Melbourne on the 12th and maybe fight the jet lag before the Ultimate Aussie tour begins :smiley:


Hi @Dutchie and @raflash - I will be joining the tour leaving Melbourne on November 13 also! I arrive into Melbourne on 9th November from Auckland NZ


Hey Matt!
That’s great!
I’m really looking forward to that tour.
I will travel NZ also in December :wink:


Hey Dutchie!
Hope you had an awesome trip. I’ll be doing thus Aussie Adventure next Sept. Out of curiosity, how often were you given the chance to do laundry? I’m just wondering if I’ll have to figure something out on the fly :slight_smile:
Thanks! Aa