Ultimate African Overlander 4th may


I am going on this trip alone but super excited !!! ;D
is anybody else doing it or looking into doing it
or has anybody done it and have any tips ?
see ya on the flip side



I think this is the one I am going on.
Travelling solo as well!

Excited and nervous at the same time. Any idea on how much money we will need?


I am going to try and get about $50-$100 a day because you never know what you might want to spend money on or need to like water ??

cool glad somebody else is travelling solo


Oh wow… I havent budgeted for that much at all. I am also going to Europe in Sept for 5 weeks so I have to be pretty tight in Africa :frowning:
I did get something sent out to me last year that said we should try and budget for $15/$25USD a day but I should wanted someone else’s opinion.

Im Jaymie by the way - from Central Coast NSW, female & 23
Nice to meet you!


I just made that number up ;D
haha love to be covered


Hey there, just thought i would post that i went on a Topdeck trip in December 2012, and we budgeted around $10-$15 USD a day max for food. As the majority of your food is covered in your tour, so most breakfast, lunch and dinners are included, most of the time you only need to buy snacks for while your on the truck, and beverages in the evening. Also, if you want to shop for souvenirs or gifts you could say budget $10-$15 USD a day for that. Most days you dont spend all this, and may spend it on alternative days, if that makes sense.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :slight_smile: As happy to help out.


Any suggestions on clothes, anything that I will NEED?
How did you keep in contact with people at home?


Thanks so much … that will help the saving front

is there any helpful hints you can pass onto us

and what kind of baggage did you travel with ?