UK ancestry VISA


[pink]hey!![br]Does anybody know much about a UK ancestry VISA? I have got one, but was wondering if I still need a VISA for Europe? I am from Australia. If anybody knows can you PLEASE get back to me. I leave in 3 weeks, and if I need one I wont have much time!![br]Thankyou[/pink]


yeh man u dont need a visa for most of the places in europe if you are from australia, i dont really know what countries you are going to, but we went as far east as the chech (sp?) republic and you dont need any up to there.[br][br]sak banz, assemble!


Hey nickaz[br][br]From what I’ve worked out the ancestory visa is for people wanting to work in the UK who have a grandparent born there. For other people checking out this same thing- You need to go to the British High Commision with all the relevant paper work including the birth certificate of your grandparent along with various forms of ID. Maybe check out the British High Commision web page for more details. [br]It believe it is valid for working in the UK for up to 4 years at a time, and it doenst affect travel. as in you can still visit places even without the visa.[br][br]You can enter most countries in Europe (except a few eastern european countries) for up to 90 days without a visa. For those countries some visas have o be applied for beforehand and some are available at the border…[br]Maybe check out the relevant high commision/ embassey web pages for more info…[br]Hope that helps :)[br]Have a great time