UItimate Aussie Adventure 27 Feb



Anyone else doing the Ultimate Aussie Adventure departing Sydney on 27th Feb?

I’m Tom, 27, from UK and travelling by myself, would be good to chat to people beforehand!



Hi Tom,

seems like we’re on the same trip. I’m Christian, 28 from Austria.
Would be cool to chat before the trip - are you on facebook?


Hi Chris, sure. I’m Tom Moore from Chester. May be hard to find! What’s yours?


Hi tom,

Sorry i was not sure which profile is yours on Fb. There are plenty tom Moore as it seems. :slight_smile: can you try to add me? Christian Pilz from Vienna, Austria. :wink:


Dude I can’t find you! Try this link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585940486


Hey guys! I have just booked this trip up. I’m 22 from Shropshire in England :slight_smile:


Hey Hannah, awesome - good to hear from you! Feel free to follow that link I sent Christian and then we can sort out a group chat on FB or something. You excited?


Yeah I will add you if that is ok! I have just downloaded the TopDeck app and there are a few others from the tour talking on there. So we could make a Facebook group and post the link in the group discussion on the app. I am so excited!


Hi everyone!

I am considering going on this tour later this year, and departing from Melbourne. I noticed your thread as being the most recent for a completed tour?! Just wondering how it was? Any tips?

Thank you!