UAE Recommendations


Hello all

So my trip to UAE is booked and confirmed for July 2017. I will spend the first 4 nights in Abu Dhabi after which I will spend 5 nights in Dubai.

Can anyone recommend any MUST SEEs and MUST DOs in those two cities? In Abu Dhabi Ferrari World and Yas Island seem like fun, anyone been there? Where would cheapest place to purchase tickets be?

In Dubai im quite interested in doing a desert safari. I also see there are a few water parks, anyone can recommend any particular one? Costs of any of these?

How is the weather in January? I know it is their “winter”, is it worth packing long trousers?

Anything I would not be allowed to pack in my luggage such as alcohol, food etc? Or any restrictions I should know about?

Any recommendations and advise would be appreciated smile


Hey there,

I can only suggest about the luggage. Without sounding rude, there is often cases (happened to me twice and to my dad once) when the staff would see something they liked in your luggage and confiscated it.

My dad bought an expensive koala toy bear, and they confiscated it. He brought it at the airport so it wasn’t anything he wouldn’t be allowed on board. and it didn’t have real fur either. they just took it without explanation.
I had my cell phone case taken, which was an expensive brand and at another trip they took a pen. (the pen is borderline and i kind of understand)
I dont know about your experience but i hope this doesn’t happen to you :slight_smile:


Really very interesting places in UAE…