Type of travellers: Eurohotel vs Euroclub



Im travelling on my own and chose to do a Euroclub tour “European Wonder” in Aug 2010. I’ve had a few friends do Topdeck tours and they said that Eurohotel tends to attract more couples and older people whereas the Euroclub are mainly singles and younger like 18/19yr olds and it tends to be more of a partying group. I guess I just wanted to know other people’s thoughts if they noticed this on their tours or is it just a mix of all ages singles and couples. Cheers.


I haven’t done a Topdeck tour yet, but my boyfriend and I are doing a Euroclub tour. We chose it because it’s a lot cheaper than the hotels. I reckon a Euroclub would really be better for those travelling alone because the majority of the hostels on the tour would have at least 4 people per room and you’d be able to mingle easier. I assume this would be more difficult on a Eurohotel tour.


Hi there,

Don’t know about euro hotel but did a Euroclub (European escape) last year. Was a pretty mixed group, there were three couples a lot that had other half’s back home or travelling elsewhere and the singles. Age wise were from 18 to 31(myself) and oldest was a guy that was 39, mostly early 20’s in the group i was in tho. Most people mingle whatever their status and the couples weren’t just walking hand in hand everywhere (well everyone needs their space). I was travelling alone and the whole thing was a totally new experience for me, loved it all. Some quite nights some madder, theres always a group doing what you feel like doing yourself and you just hang out with them.