Type of Coat Needed


Hi everyone,

I’m heading on my first overseas trip ever in my life, so I’ve been seeking all kinds of advice. My most serious question so far is about what kind of coat I will be needing.

I am leaving on the Winter Expedition Trip (which travels around Europe) on the 20th of Dec, ending on the 16th Jan, with a week in London beforehand. I have lived in South East Queensland, Australia practically my whole life and I’m cold bug even here, so I’m not sure what kind of coat I’m going to need. I want something that will protect me from the wind, keep me warm and is also (at least) slightly waterproof.

I found this coat (http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/Product/Outdoor-Expedition-3-in-1-Jacket-Womens/40273201?menuFrom=2147483639), which I don’t think is too bad but I’m unsure and would really like someone with more experience to give me their opinion. Should I go with this (or something similar) or should I be opting for something else entirely? My budget is really only $200 AUD TOPS!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,
Vannah :slight_smile: