Turkey Explored



Is anyone going on the the Turkey Explored trip beginning August 14th?


I am planning to go there this June 05…
Cheers !


Just to bump this thread…

I’m thinking of doing this Turkey trip in September maybe. Has anyone been on one before? Anyone got any feedback or reviews or advice? I have been to Turkey before but just to Kusadasi and Bodrum. It is a fascinating country and I would love to see more! :slight_smile:


i am thinking about going in may… but you need a visa right?


Hey Guys,
I’m thinking of doing the Turkey Explored on 16 July 2011. Does anyone know if these tours book up pretty quickly? I’m not 100% sure if i want to do it in a tour or just do my own thing (if i meet people to travel with).
Does anyone have any suggestions?
And would it be easy to book say a month before?
Any advice would be great!


Hey guys, I’m doing this tour on June 4th. Can’t wait!


hey kimberly, how are you? im also booked on this tour as well as croatia sailing from debrovnik 18 jun ,and greek island hopper starting 25 jun. cant wait . i look forward to meeting you, c ya


Hey billm,
That’s great! I’m flying in the day before the tour on the 3rd and then I’m doing the Iberian Voyager and Red Star Special afterwards and then going to the US.
When are you flying in?


hey kimberley, i fly in 4 jun @6:30am and will make my way to where ever the tour starts, hope i dont miss out,lol :o, i believe the tour starts in the afternoon over dinner is that what youve been advised


Yeah from what I understand we meet on the evening of the 4th and then go out for dinner. I’m just getting a shuttle bus from the airport and won’t be doing much that night. Apparently our hotel is close to the major sites so I will prob go exploring during the day on the 4th :slight_smile:


called topdeck up ,and was informed the tour dinner/get together is at 5pm, that gives me a chance to drop my bag of at the hotel once i fly in,and run around for the day, and check it out. we should catch up if your interested for the day.


Yep for sure! I think where we are staying is pretty central so we should have plenty of time to go and see stuff :slight_smile:
I’ll be there already so just let me know after u fly in, etc. Do you have facebook?


yeh, you can add me in . id add you but dont know which kimberly ;D. well have i chat before we leave oz thanks :wink:


Hi Kimberly & Bill…I see that you both are doing the June 4th Turkey Explored Tour…I am doing it also! So exciting!!! I am arriving at 1pm on the 3rd Kim and am hopefully staying at the hotel we stay in on the 4th on the 3rd too, so we could meet up and explore! B-)


Hey Amz,
I’m arriving at 12.30pm on the 3rd so we’re only half an hour apart! I’m staying at the hotel where are trip leaves too so would be great to meet up :slight_smile:


Hey Kimberly, Billy and Amz, I’m also going to be in the Turkey trip on the 4th, I was just wondering, how are you guys getting from the airport to the hotel? I’m just searching what the best/easiest way is at the moment. :slight_smile:

Turkey Explorer 4th June
Greek Island Hopper 16th June


hi everyone, its awsome to meet more people from our tour. im planning on cabbing it from the airport web site says to expect to pay 40 turkish lira from airport to Sultanahmet which is on a couple of blocks further than where we start our trip try . just be carefull with what notes you pay them, they like being tricky con artists a few of the forums have mentioned, thayll swap a fifty you give them for a five and tell you its not enough. does anyone have any other suggestions on transport. when do you arrive at the airport clo?


Hey guys,
I have booked myself a shared shuttle bus from the airport which takes you straight to the hotel and back to the airport again for 10 euros each way. I booked it through http://www.istanbulairportshuttle.com and you just pay the driver on the day. It sounded like the easiest option.


oh thats awsome, thanks for that infowill be bookin it



I think you’re the only other person i could find doing the Greek Island Hopper from the 25th of June!

Are you travelling solo? I am… EEeek!