Turkey Explored 2nd July 2016


Hey guys,
Booked in for this tour and super excited.
solo traveller! was wondering if anyone else has booked on this trip??


Ahhh so late - Im on the tour ! ill be coming from greece, doing an island hopper there ! are you staying before hand, i arive in istanbul the 29th of june i think !


How exciting! I’m doing sail Croatia before hand so I will be arriving in instanbul on the 2nd! Are you staying after?? Once the tour ends I have 2 weeks till I meet a friend! Can’t wait to meet!


Hi Mel
Im also solo traveller. Super excited for the fun times to come :grin:
I have created a group on the Facebook page (meet others) please join


Hi guys, super keen to come on this trip, I’m just sorting final details with work before I book.


My friends are going on august. Already hired tour agency named “Citadeltours”. Hope there trip will be the best trip of their life.


Hey Alice,
I can’t find the Facebook page for the life of me!! Helps


Hey! I just booked on to this trip, solo traveller too! Trying to decide if I should spend a few days in Greece first or a few in Istanbul. Going to head to greece afterwards and then travelling around europe for a month :slight_smile: Also - did anyone find the facebook page? CANT WAIT!!!


Yay! How exciting. I have 2 free weeks after the tour ends so I’m not sure what I’ll do yet :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet everyone! And no I couldn’t find the Facebook page :frowning:


I found 1 other girl on facebook who is also on the tour, Jazelle. So feel free to add us on facebook :slight_smile: Kelsi Coughlan (I should be the only one on facebook)!