Turkey Explored 28th July 2012


Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone is going on this trip? I’ve already booked can’t wait!


Hi HannahS

I am going on this tour as well. I am very excited :slight_smile:

I am from Australia but currently working in Edinburgh for the year. If you are around that way then maybe we could catch up for a drink before the tour starts.




Hey guys!
I’m going on this trip too! I’m super pumped :slight_smile:

I’m from Australia as well Jono but I’m living in NSW. I love Edinburgh though, wish I could go back.

Can’t wait to meet you all!



Hi Annalise

Awesome :slight_smile: I cannot wait for this trip. It is not long to go now :slight_smile:

I am from Armidale in NSW.

Looking forward to meeting you!