Turkey Explored: 1st June - 12th June


Hi All!

I’ve just booked the Turkey Explored tour for 1st June - 12th June 2013.

Just checking to see if anyone else is going on this one?

I’m also booked on the Turkey Gulet Cruise for 13th June - 20th June 2013.



Hi Harith,
I have also just booked the Turkey Explored tour for 1st June - 12th June 2013.
Have you found anyone else that is doing the same tour?

Getting close now, how exciting!!



Hey Guys!

I have also booked this tour. Are either of you planning on spending any time in Istanbul before the tour starts?

Can’t wait to meet everyone!



Hey Rebecca!
Yep I’ll be in Istanbul from the 30th of May. What about yourself?


I’ll be arriving on May 31 in the afternoon! Are you staying in the same hotel that our tour starts at?


Awesome!! Nah I’m staying at Orient Hostel. What about you??


Oh okay, cool! I’ll be staying at the same hotel our tour starts from!


Cool! Are you traveling solo? Are you staying in Istanbul after the tour is finished?


Yup, I’m travelling solo, what about you?And I’m planning on staying for just one extra day after the tour to see the grand bazaar. You?


Yep, I’m also traveling solo!! I’ll be staying either 1 or 2 extra days in Istanbul before going down to Fethiye to do a sailing tour for a week :slight_smile:


Oh awesome, that sounds so fun! I can’t believe this tour is only 7 weeks away now! :slight_smile: