Turkey Explored 1st July 18 - 12th July 18



I’m a solo traveler from Sydney, Australia and have booked Turkey Explored for 1st July - 12th July for the final leg of my holiday. Just wondering if anyone else has booked this trip! First time traveling solo so feeling excited and nervous!

I’m planning to arrive in Istanbul around lunch time on the 1st.

Would be awesome to hear back from someone who may be doing the same tour.


Hi there, Michelle23!

Also a solo traveller from the United Kingdom. Still considering whether or not I’ll be going on Turkey Explored on the 1st-12th July. I’ve never travelled alone before, so I’m also nervous. Still gathering up the details of the tour but will be making my decision reasonably soon.

Most likely will be going.


Hey Michelle,

I am from Gold Coast, QLD and am looking to book this trip but am finding it hard to find a travel insurance company that will cover for Istanbul due to the smart traveller level 3 warning of ‘reconsider your need to travel’. Have you had much luck or managed to find a good travel insurance?

Also have you looked into hot air balooning in Cappadocia?


Sorry for the late reply…

My travel insurance is with CHI Travel Insurance. Accordingly to my travel agent I will not be covered if I cancel my trip due to terrorism but am covered if involved in any act of terrorism while away (not particularly what I want to think about lol).

In terms of the hot air ballooning I have looked into it to get a rough idea on prices as I would absolutely love to do that over the sunrise!

Have you thought any more about it in the last week?


Hi Michelle,

I too am a solo traveller from Melbourne. I have booked this trip. Glad to hear that there are other solo traveller’s, can’t wait.



Thats awesome! Looks like such an incredible tour.

Are you doing any other travel?


Hey, me and a friend are hoping to booking this, just waiting on confirmation from Topdeck… we are from New Zealand. We are probably going to arrive on the 30th of June… Super excited!!!


I am travelling to Morocco before hand. What about yourself?


I’m heading to Macedonia and Croatia before hand… Turkey will be my final stop! Really looking forward to it


Thats awesome! I arrive on the 1st around lunch time I think.
Cannot wait ! :slight_smile: