Turkey Explored_17 - 28 September 2016



Let me know if you will be doing this tour :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and I will arrive in Istanbul relatively early if anyone would like to meet up for some drinks :tropical_drink: :beer: (You know… to calm the nerves because bombings and life and stuff)


Hey I was supposed to do that tour at the end of July but if you haven’t heard topdeck has suspended all turkey tours until October :frowning: :frowning:


Whaaaat? :fearful::fearful::fearful:
Do you mind posting a link where they have made this announcement please.

Thanks Amy :kissing_cat:


@Amy_Calleja I checked the website and saw the post.
How super kak (Cape Town slang for :poop:) is that.

Urgh. Thanks for the heads up.


I know it’s soo disappointing! They should have told you or will be soon. They put me onto a Greek island hopper that’s worth almost $1000 more for no extra charge anyway so I’m happy I guess :confused:



I emailed our agent. So hopefully he manages to sort something out.
I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in Greece :information_desk_person:


Hi I was also supposed to the Turkey Explored but at the end of August. It is disappointing that they aren’t doing the tour anymore but I guess understandable. So sad to hear about the attacks :cry: They have also offered me the The Greek Island hopper tour.


Hi Caitlin :slight_smile:

Yeah, the attacks are absolutely horrible.
My boyfriend and I have opted to do the Greek Island Hopper which is a complete flip from what we were looking for in the Turkey experience. Our Greece trip however has a stop in Istanbul for about 17h :no_mouth:where we will possibly do a day tour.