Turkey Explored 10th September 2016


Hey guys I am booked on this trip let me know if you are to


Hey there
I’m booked on this trip too, going solo! I’m from New Zealand but will be living in London soon :slight_smile: where are you from?


Hey I am from New Zealand to. I am travelling with my partner :slight_smile:


Awesome! Are you guys travelling into Istanbul the day before the trip starts? I’m doing that from London. A bit concerned about what’s been going on in turkey but I guess that shouldn’t stop us right ? Hahaa


yes we are but have not booked accomodation yet for that night as we do not know where we are meeting … have you? yes very nervous about the conflict going on but hoping its all ok


Cool! I haven’t booked any accomodation yet but will prob do so at the same place we will be staying in to make it easier! It should be a great trip to explore turkey! We’ll be all good!


Hey Guys,

Me and my sister are also booked on this tour. It looks incredible. We are a little bit worried about the situation there as well and have four days there before the tour starts.


Hi jess :slight_smile: nice to meet you! where are you and your sister from? i think we will be all good, just be aware of surroundings and stick with a few people. lots of time for you to explore istanbul too! lucky!


Hi :slight_smile:
Me and my sister are from Australia and we are doing another top deck tour from England before doing the turkey one :slight_smile: I agree as long as we are vigilant all will be fine.