Trying to decide between 2 trips


Hello,[br][br]I am trying to decide between going on either the Britain & Ireland 2010 or the Greek Island Hopper 2010.[br][br]I will be going on a 30 day Europe trip with another travel company, however I wanted to do a tour with Top Deck that covered a region that the 30 day does not cover. I have never traveled to Europe before and will be traveling alone.[br][br]Has anyone done either tour? Any thoughts on which you’d recommend?[br][br]Thanks for your help![br]


the Greek island hopper is def one not to miss, but it depends on wat u like…I luv my snow in winter but also the islands in summer are just one big party…:)[br][br]Where is ur other tour going…???[br][br]Ur adventure starts wen u kiss the family goodbye…!!!


I’ve switched my plans around now…[br][br]Planning on doing Discover Europe in April…going to try and do the Bravo Italia afterwards.[br][br]Anyone know what the Bravo Italia optionals are?[br][br]Very excited!


Im driving the Dicover Europe on 27th APR…but i havnt done the Bravo Italia yet, but i think the options involve wine tasting in Tuscany, visit to the ancient city of pompei ,guided vatican tour, a ride in a gondola in venice…just to name a few… ;D


I am also thinking about the Greek Island Hopper. I have heard really good things! It is also a good mix of islands. when are you thinking of going??