Try the Formula 1 Event in Singapore (2019)


Formula 1 is the world biggest motorsport. If you like cars, racing and drivers then why not try attending an F1 event like the one is Singapore?

I recently went to Singapore in September for a holiday. It was amazing, I went to many tourist attractions however my favourite place was buying my first ever F1 ticket for the Formula 1 event. I brought my F1 ticket in Singapore and I have been a Formula 1 fan for a long time. I had an amazing time attending this event in central Singapore, It had live shows, music and other race events. An action pack weekend of motorsport. It’s worth checking it out if you have the time and money. Here’s a video I did as well of my F1 experience in Singapore this year:


Wow, that amazing event to witch I’m definitely going to!
However, the tickets from NYC to Singapore can be price, especially if it is a business or 1st class. I don’t thing that it is rational to by economy ticket for such a long journey!
I already had an issue with economy tickets for 10+ hours flights, where people are making noise, babies are crying and back hurts after the flight. Luxflight sometimes offers some crazy deals on business and 1st class tickets. I would recommend to travel to Singapore 1st class only, since you have a possibility to sleep in bed.


Stop promoting someone’s online business!!!


Hi Slink. Ok well if your going to the next F1 Singapore Grand Prix, the event is this September coming. Yes I know what you mean by noisy passengers etc. If you do get the flight you want, then plan what you want to do in Singapore. F1 tickets in Singapore are expensive. I am not sure why they are expensive. I hope you get the flight you want and I hope you get to see F1 in Singapore.


Stop promoting someone else’s online business now!!!


I’m just sharing my experience and my expectations from this event and my travel life in general. There is no intention to promote or spam :slight_smile:


Thanks my friend) I know, the price is beyond the understanding, but that’s what you pay for. I have never been to F1 event, so for me now it is a perfect opportunity to try and see it in person)


Agreed :slight_smile: