Tropical suntanner reverse may 11


Hey anybody going on the trip above starting in cairns on may 11 , travelling alone (first time) a little nervous


Hey Tropical Adventure Revers heading cairns to Brisbane on 11th May?
I am going too, can’t wait! I am a first time traveller to coming from Scotland. :slight_smile:


yeah thats the one :slight_smile: im from wales but living in Perth now. Never been to Cairns or Brisbane so exciting. when do you arrive over here?



All booked,

Going to be a great trip,can’t wait.



I’m cutting it quit fine. I arrive on the 10th in cairns. Haven’t booked accommodation yet and ill hav just flown all that way! I know can’t wait for it!


I think I get into cairns on the 9 th yet to book a hostel it should be so much fun :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you all


I was looking at gilligands, looks like it could be fun! I know, it will be a great trip!


Yeah gillians or Yha I was looking at :slight_smile: looking forward to exploring, spending a few days after the tour in brisbane too before heading back to Perth :slight_smile:


Yeh I have 5 days in Brisbane before I fly home. I think I fancy heading down to Gold Coast during that days. Can’t wait for the sailing.


we should all meet up somewhere the night before get to know each other and have a few drinks. :slight_smile: not long now ;D B-)


Sounds like a good idea! Ease us all in to the trip, just let us know where everyone is staying the night before.


Sounds good,I’m staying at Hides Hotel.


not lonng now guys :slight_smile: just booking my return flight and hostels, thinking i might stay one extra night in airlie beach before heading to brisbane but cant decide. so many decisions when your travelling alone . whats everyones post trip plans ??


Yeh I’m stayin at the Hides too. Getting a bit nervous now, but very excited! I’m not going to book anything in Brisbane yet, haven’t decided if I will head further down the coast.


Hi, im Lisa, I am in the process of booking the 14 day trip which means the first part is with you guys so thought i’d say hello! Where abouts are people staying when they get to Cairns?


Hey staying at hides hotel it’s where the trip starts from :slight_smile: having drinks night before to meet people if your up for it


Sounds good, but not sure im staying at hides, will check with the travel agent tomorrow where she has booked me into, it will be walking distance im sure anyway!



I’m sure it will all b within walking distance not sure what the plan is just thought it would be a good idea to have a few drinks and break the ice before we spend 24 hrs a day together lol . Where are you travelling from ?


Hi Amy,

Im flying from Brisbane on the 9th, when do you arrive? Definitely a good idea to meet up for drinks before, Ive been looking at things to do in Cairns & quite fancy a bungee any other takers!?!



I fly from Perth on the 9th arrive around lunch time. I’m definetly keen to do some activies while im there just might have to pshyc myself up for a bungee :s