Tropical Adventure / Island Suntanner Ex. Cairns 1st October 2017



I can’t find any other posts made about this departure yet, so here goes. Anyone else on this trip who is keen to know the group? I feel a bit of an oldie at the ‘ripe old age’ of 25 going on a Topdeck tour, but hopefully I won’t be the oldest! Can’t wait to see Whitsundays and Fraser Island <3_<3

See you all soon!


The place is very beautiful. I also go there with my family last year, we did not facing no problem. I think there will be create no problem with you also.


Hello! I’m not on the date you are on, sorry! I’m on the ultimate Aussie adventure but the last half will be the island suntanner tour. The island suntanner part of my trip starts 2nd/3rd September 2017. Don’t worry about your age- I’m 27!
The whitsundays do sound amazzzing!
Can’t wait to see the Great Barrier Reef too!


Arh thanks for responding anyway! I wish you were on my departure date!
I’m on the fence about the Great Barrier Reef tour as I will have done a lot of snorkeling in Bali already (with Intrepid)! I’m waiting to hear more about the excursion before I chose between that one and the Daintree rainforest one :smiley:


Aw I wish you were on my departure date too! Bali sounds awesome though! I’m guessing you will be in Bali soon before arriving in Australia?
What swayed me with the Great Barrier Reef was the news that it may not be around for long as about 2/3’s of it is bleached…so I thought it is a once in a lifetime experience really. Although Daintree rainforest sounds great too. I am finding it hard to choose between all the optionals, they all sound so good!