Trip to Paris and other places, help planning


We are going to visit France in August for 3 days. We are planning to stay in Paris for only 1 day as we are not much interested in it, but we will like to explore other beautiful places in France before we head to Amsterdamt hrough train. Need some help in suggestions of what other places we can do which are really beautiful mainly natures beauty to do. For now we are thinking about Bayeux and Mont Saint Michel. We are a group of 5-6 adults with 3 small kids less than 2 years. What are your suggestions for places to go, or does Bayeux and Saint Michel our best choice as we will like to head to Amsterdam after.

Thanks !!


I was going to say Mont Saint Michel but you already recognize it! Yes that place was awesome. It was different than Paris. If you wouldn’t like Paris, St Malo would be a wonderful place that you have dreamed of… It’s a port city but I still remember how great it was


Paris is awesome place for trip.