Trip Optionals


So i was wondering what are some optionals besdies the basic stuff like paragliding in austria or switzerland and cabaret show in paris. How can i find out what the optionals are for each trip?


If you go to the page about the trip on the lower right there is a link to a .pdf of the optionals for that trip.[br][br]Jan 23 2010 Winter Getaway


Hey Tatiana,[br]You may want to email res if you really want to see the optionals like Mike said there is usually a pdf file but the optionals for the Summer trips probably wont come out until closer to the summer season.[br]I did the European Getaway in May last year and some of the best optionals I did included; taking the train up the Jungfraujoch in Swizterland, The Vatican guided tour, Berlin pub-crawl(if only for the David Hasselhoff t-shirt), even the sex show in Amsterdam which I had NO intention of seeing before I left for the tour was hilarious. I also did the bike tour and cabaret show in Paris which was fantastic and went paragliding in Austria which was so much fun if you’re not brave enough to jump out of a plane.[br]What tour are you looking at doing?[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


Hey! I went on the Mega European earlier in the year and I did more or less all the optionals! I think I got sent a list of mine in my pre departure info but not everyone did, I think I just had a good travel agent! Otherwise like they said above it’s on the bottom right hand side of the internet pages! Like Chrissy said the bike tour is AMAZING, and I did the cabaret too, you could go on a river cruise down the seine as well which a few people did as it was cheaper. You can go up to the top of the world in lauterbrunnen, so much snow! Flamenco dancing in Barcelona. shindler’s list tour in krakow, sound of music tour in salzburg and there were loads more! gondola in Venice, isle of capri just off the Italian coast is AMAZING! The blue grotto is cool. I went into Auschwith. Best time ever![br][br]Chloe[br][br]Chloe


Oh great thanx everyone, i will check it out on the website