Trip in Australia


Hi everybody!

I would like to do a outback adventure trip with topdeck.
It’s 18 days, from Melbourne to Darwin… but my problem is I can see that one on the web site. Do you think it’s normal? can I do that okne or no?

I’m tryed to call the agency, but a woman said to me I coudn’t book anything before the next week… sound strange???

Somebody can me help to understand what happen??

Thank you.



Thank you jessica for your fast answer! :slight_smile:

I’m french but I’m living in Canberra about 9 months now. I would like to do a big trip around Australia (frist time with Contiki agency…but actualy, looks full) so I have found top deck… but sound strange if I must wait 1 week… the woman said to me, that doesn’t means trips are full but they need to check with a other compagny which place are avaible yet!

But how can I to know if I wait to have a place for the trip or if I need to look the other agency!!?
It’s like, Contiki agency are asked to me to pay the trip, then, they will send to me a email after 2 days ago to be sur if I can to go or not with them… it’s normal?? She told me, I will be refund if it’s not… so, why I need to pay for a trip if they don’t sur…

It’s easy : full, you can’t. avaible, you can !

Did you mean that Topdeck is on england?


I also faced same problem, but after next call, I confirmed that my flight is on the time.


I have also travelled from many airlines such as British airlines, American airlines and many other due to business trips. Sometimes the conversation problem arises between me and the authority staff it doesn’t mean that they are not aware of this happenings. Sometimes, I didn’t get the flights when I am in emergency but it doesn’t mean that they are not supportive, but they tried to make as possible ways as they can do from their sides to help me out.


Great! I would also love to try outback adventure trip with topdeck.