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I am trying to make a decision about what pack to buy. Features i want include suitcase style opening, wheels, good shoulder and waist straps and daypack. Here is what i have narrowed it down to:

Caribee Fast Track 75L
Caribee Skymaster 70L
EPE Cursa Roller 65

I would also consider these two, but are more expensive:
Eagle Creek Switchback 25
Osprey Meridian 28

I have heard that fast track is a really good bag, but i am worried that 75L is too big (i am female, 165cm tall, average build)
So it may be between the skymaster and cursa. EPE is about $100 cheaper, but i dont know if the quality is as good as a caribee.
Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated



You are around my height and the 75 L was WAY too big for me. Even when it was empty, I felt like I was going to fall over backwards! I went into a travel store (Mainpeak I think) and discussed my options with them. I can’t help you with the different types of backpacks with wheels - mine is a normal backpack!


Hi! I am about the same height, and I got fitted for a 65lt backpack!

Mine doesn’t have wheels, but I got the shop assistant to put some heavy things in it so i could see how it went with weight in it.

Hope this helps,


When I did discover europe with topdeck last year, I found a bag on wheels was really, really good, the only thing was going up stairs and the very small lifts in europe!
One of the other girls took a backpack for her stuff and it looked annoying and very heavy to carry! (especially towards the end after shopping)
I just had a shoulder bag I could keep in front of me for a day bag to avoid pickpocketers, rather then a backpack where i cant see who is opening it behind me or putting there hands in.
Hope this helps
Brooke :slight_smile:


I have also heard from people other people who have done Euro tours that the backpack is annoying, however I chose baggage without wheels after speaking with the shop assistants at various shops because I said I had a certain injury & they surprisingly the best baggage for me would be a backpack. Therefore, I’d suggest the best thing you do is talk to the sales assistants about your circumstances… :slight_smile:


all i can say is that when u get to a hostel or somewhere that doesn’t have an elevator or it broken, u will be glad u have a backpack. taken from personal experience.


Finding a bag is very hard. i decided on the Blackwolf Cedar Backpack as it has really good harness that distributes the weight evenly over your back and shoulders. It also comes with a decent size zip on day backpack. I have brought a lightweight collapseable luggage trolley so i can wheel everything around when needed, but still be able to walk up stairs without dislocating a shoulder.

hope this helps


hey im not so worried about the bag but wats in it, im worried its 2heavy and i will have to leave stuff behind, r they really funny about that or should it be fine?


Are towels supplied on euro club tours or do you have to bring your own


is anyone else taking a suitcase or am i the only one?


I’m taking a suitcase :slight_smile:


I am taking suitcase


Thats alright then i thought i was the only one doing that! :slight_smile:


Hi Cathy,

I too was torn about bags. I tried on the Caribee fast track and it just didn’t sit right. In the end I got the Osprey Sojourn which is more expensive, but in my opinion a much better bag. I knew as soon as I put it on it was right. My advice is don’t buy a bag you can’t try on first.

Hope this helps.

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does anyone know an approximate percentage of those who take suitcases, and those that take backpacks!?


Hey Jess,

It really does vary. On our EuroCamping trips passengers tend towards backpacks, while on EuroClub and EuroHotel there’s generally a mix. Whether you bring a suitcase or a backpack as your main luggage, as long as it it the right size and weight, is up to your preference i.e. what is more important to you: keeping your clothes neater & easier to find in the bag (in which case: suitcase) or making it easier to carry your luggage around and to fit them into tighter spaces (in which case: backpack).

Hope this info helps :slight_smile:


Topdeck Team

PS. I’m more of a backpack person