Travelling to paris/Disneyland


Hey all! Just wondering about peoples opinions on travelling from London to Paris? From what I could see the best idea is to catch the train? But will I need a tour booked in Paris or will I be able to find my way around most of the sights pretty easily? I also wouldn’t mod heading to Disneyland for a day? What’s the best way for me to get there etc?

I’ll be going to Paris late September if anyone else was planning in being there at that time? :slight_smile:


hi there yeah the best way to get to paris is the eruostar train book a hotel or backpackers in paris i went the hotel as it was bloody hot and i needed a safe place for my luggage i just got a train to disneyland from paris station it was easy enough and i cant speak a word there stupid language lol just take a pic of where you like to go :slight_smile: its bigger then you think as i had to go back a 2nd day hope this helps ya buddy


Hey there.

We did it a few years ago, train to Paris and then just cruised around for 5 days. Great city when the weather is good!
The train to Disneyland is easy to catch and if you try and learn a tiny bit of French, they’re pretty helpful. We had the basics- please, thank you, we are from Australia (they like aussies, not Americans!).
Do the ‘Fat Tyre Bike Tour’, good fun.
We lashed out on a nice hotel, about $150 a night but well worth it, even if it’s just for the air con, breakfast and advice from staff- the concierge at our hotel got us 2-for1 Disneyland tickets, half price meal and drink vouchers at nice cafe’s and cheap Eiffel Tower tickets. We tipped him pretty well!

Have a blast, it’s an amazing city to visit!


Oh excellent thanks very much!! Yeah I’m definetly thinking I’ll learn few different phrases just to be polite! Thank you for the advice!!


if you have an iPhone there is a great little app I found the other day called “SayHi” you talk into it and it repeats in whatever output language you select…


Seriously! I am downloading that pronto!


I was wondering this myself, but I was more looking to do it in a day since I’m based in London for the times outside of my tour. Would that even be possible? On the other hand my tour goes to Paris on the first day, so would it be easier to just split from the group and go to Disneyland Paris for the day? I doubt I’d be interested in museums and such.


I think I’m going to do the same Lauren! There’s a direct train to Disneyland from London for like £60 or something, which is pretty expensive, but at the same time would be so worth it!!! When is your tour/what your?


whats that app called i will need it


@hollyjane I’m taking the Spirit of Europe tour on July 3rd, and I have three days in London to do things. I have no idea how to fill in time, so I figured a day trip to Disneyland would be a way to do it.


I haven’t been to London before but I am told there is SO much to do! But at the same time, maybe Disneyland is more your thing :):slight_smile: look up “the London pass” it will get you free entry into a few things loads of discounts!! Also, If you’re a Harry potter fan, there’s a Harry potter tour thing that you can walk around the set and stuff outside of London which is about £55 including return transport from central London :slight_smile: or maybe a day trip to bath/Stonehenge?


If you’re looking at how to fill in your days in London, then I definately reccommend doing one of the free walking tours. Fun young tour guides take you around the main sights of the city. It’s free, and if you feel it was worth it, you just tip them at the end of the day. I’ve done it before, and will do it again when I head back in a few weeks :). Disneyland Paris was also fun! Easy to get to as well from the city itself.


Neweurope tours are fantastic! highly recommend…

There’s so much to do in Paris, you’ll kick yourself if you take off to Disney Land for the day… I would look at doing it as a separate trip… You could always make your own way to Paris a day prior then meet up with your tour group at the first nights accommodation… saves back tracking, that way your only up for additional travel cost to paris and maybe an extra night accommodation…


@trent I’ve already booked my accommodation for before and after my tour so getting a night’s accommodation and joining the group in Paris isn’t an option.