Travelling Solo - UK/Europe


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering who is in the same boat and will be travelling solo to UK/Europe?

I have decided to do the Britain & Ireland 2011 tour (from 26th June - 9th July) and the Mega European (12th July - 29th August). Is anyone else doing these tours as well? Would be great to chat to people beforehand! :slight_smile:



Hey Melly,

It might be worth reposting your comment in the Europe section, as this area is for general tour discussion. Happy travels :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team


Hey, I’m doing the Britain/Ireland tour but (from the 12-25th of June) finishes the day before yours starts! :slight_smile:


hi guys,

im travelling solo and going on the Timeless Trail starting 18th Aug - 7 Sept. First time travelling on a tour solo for me…


Hi Melly,

I am in London at the moment. Originally moved on the working holiday visa from Australia but haven’t had any luck with jobs yet so keen to chat to others about travel plans.

Just got back from a weekend in Ireland … it was amazing!

Heading off to Norway in 2 weeks but thinking of squeezing in a trip before that too.


Hi Melly

I’ll be on the same Britain and Ireland tour as you, also traveling solo! I’ll be hopping off at Glasgow on the 1st though, as my next tour starts on the 2nd of July.

I’m arriving in London on the 21st, how about you?



Hey there
I’m doing the Bravo Italia tour starting 28th Aug and first time travellin solo too. But have heard from friends who have travelled how exciting it is and i’m sure you’ll make lots of friends on the tour too :slight_smile:


Hi Incognito

I’ve been considering moving to London for a year or so on a working holiday visa but your post has me stressed out a bit - the part about the jobs. Have you had much luck yet in finding one? I would love to have a chat about it. Happy to pass on my email if you don’t mind.

Thanks muchly :slight_smile:


Hi Melly,
I’m on the same Mega European as you!! I’m joining in Paris though but will be in London for a week (until September 5th) when it finishes.


Hey Anita,
There are jobs around in the UK, you just have to take the first job you can get and then keep looking. I’ve been in Brighton for the last 13 months and I was only unemployed for 1 month and I got a temp job for 6 weeks and a permanent job since. It’s so much easier to get another job when you’ve got a job than when you haven’t. London rents are really expensive though which is why I opted for Brighton… not that it’s much cheaper but there are a lot of Uni students here so you can always find cheaper share accommodation. If you would like to chat about it I am happy to do so. Up to you.
Philippa :slight_smile:


I have been considering solo trip to UK next year. I heard a lot about solo trip to UK.