Travelling solo on Eurohotel tours


Hi Everyone,
I’m doing the Discover Europe tour starting on the 3rd of August and i’m wondering if anyone else is doing this tour… also do many people do Eurohotel tours solo? I am travelling solo on this tour and i’m wondering what happens if i’m the only one who is travelling alone… there seems to be mostly couples who do these tours? some information would be great!


I did the discover europe tour in July this year and there were other girls who were travelling alone. Everyone mingles together even couples and we all got to know each other quite well over 26 days. It can be quite daunting travelling alone but everyone on the tour is there to meet new people and I have made some great friends from my trip.
I would recommend looking on the forum for others doing your tour, as its great to get to know a few ppl before the tour starts.
Hope this helps, enjoy your trip.


Hey Im doing the discover Europe 6th September and ill be riding solo, so im a bit nervous to but it should be awesome. I hope you have a great time!!


I am travelling solo too. I am going on the disover europe on the 7th of June