Travelling Solo - EuroClub or EuroCamping?


I’m planning to do a tour this summer and I’m not sure if I should do a EuroClub or EuroCamping tour.

Last summer I done a Trek America tour, which was 13 solo travellers camping for 3 weeks and we all got really close but the only thing I thought is on hotel stops the group kind of split up a bit.

As I’d be travelling on my own I’d really like to make sure I got to know some people and I have this thing in my head on a EuroClub with everyone staying in seperate rooms there would be more of a chance for the group to split up and possibly less of a chance to meet others than if everyone was staying right beside each other in a campsite - has anyone found this or am I being stupid? haha

On Trek America we shared a tent with the same person for 3 weeks, do Topdeck get everyone to pair up? or do people swap around?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide :slight_smile:


Honestly, the euro club was amazing! Weather in Europe can be temperamental, my worst fear was camping for 40 days and getting sick constantly, not being able to sleep, all my belongings getting wet etc. my group bonded so well! & because you get to share rooms if different sizes depending in the hotel/ hostel ur always staying with someone new. Really u just sleep there, the best bonding time is on the bus :slight_smile: