Travelling alone?


I’m hoping to book a 5/7 week trip to Africa for next year! I’ve done a bit of travelling before but have never travelled alone. I’m just wondering what to expect travelling alone - I’m a bit nervous! I’ve been on 2 Topdeck trips before and met people who were travelling alone but I’m still not sure. Any advice?
Side note - anyone going to Africa in Jan? :slight_smile:


Not planning a Topdeck trip, but I’m from Port Elizabeth in South Africa, and I will be there in March. Shout if you need anything/ advice :slight_smile:


Hi emily, how was your africa trip (if you ended up going) would love to hear all about it as i’d love to do a solo trip myself!



I’m Sophia from Australia and I’m planning on going on the 24 Day Southeast Adventure to Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia starting the 29th Of December. I’m going solo too and would be very interested to read about your experiences!


There is no need to be nervous, may be you are. The thing is traveling alone is really amazing experience which will lasts for entire life. But, just make sure you’ve prepared and planned everything in advance i.e. before you get started with your trip to avoid head aches in between.