Travelling alone!


Hey, my name’s Emily and I’m new here. I’m hoping to travel alone next summer across Europe before starting Uni in september and was just wondering if this is the right site for me? I live in Newcastle and am desperate to branch out next summer to meet some fab new people and see some amazing new places! Anyone else in the same boat? The Europe Express tour sounds great and the perfect price for me as well but I don’t want to make any rash decisions until I know exactly what I’m signing up for haha! Can anyone give me some advice?
Also, how much is the deposit I’ll have to pay too?
Em :slight_smile: x


Hi Em,

I just did a trip on my own this summer and almost everyone else on my trip was on their own too! It was a great way to meet people :slight_smile:

Have fun!



I did two topdeck trips this year (Europe and Egypt) and on both of them there were a bunch of people who were travelling alone. Within maybe an hour on the bus or something, friendships were made! Some of my closest friends I made on those trips were single travellers, and even though I was travelling with mates, I ended up spending most of my time with others!!

I can’t comment on the Europe Express tour as I did the Grand European, but I can honestly tell you it was well worth every cent! I had the best time travelling and the tours are designed so you get to see as much as possible. This does mean a fair bit of driving is done (or at least on my tour there was), but even that became fun. Topdeck was fantastic - even though it does seem like you are constantly on the go, if you dont want to do something, thats really no biggie. There were times that people didnt want to do the optional extras, and there were other things they went off and did e.g. lazing around, visit a different site, shopping etc.

These tours are fantastic if you want to get a taste of Europe and different countries. I found that the trip left me desperate to go back and revisit places and do the things I missed! So excited to get back!!!

Hope this gives you a better idea of what you are signing up for :slight_smile:

(and sorry I cant remember the deposit)


Hi guys,

Depending on your currency the deposit is equivalent to £60 per person

Hope this helps.

Topdeck Team