Travelling alone


Hi im thinking of travelling alone and I wanna know if anyone has. what was it like? is it worth it? do u make friends wit people?[br][br]Brooke[br][br]CAN’T WAIT TO TRAVEL!! :smiley:


Hi Brooke,[br][br]I just did the 26 day Discover Europe Tour and I went on my own. On our tour there were about 8 people who were also travelling alone and the others were couples or friends.[br][br]It was a bit nerve-wracking that first day meeting everyone but you have to remember that everyone there shares a common bond - you all love travelling and everyone wants to have a great time! [br][br]I sat next to someone on the bus that first morning and we chatted for hours and ended up sharing rooms for the majority of the trip and had a lot in common.[br][br]On tours I have found that you fall in with people who are a similar age or like doing similar things, so you are never really alone, unless you want to be.[br][br]The second or third day our trip leader got us to introduce ourselves on the bus and this really helped us to get to know each other better.[br][br]The key thing when you are on your own is being open, friendly, have a smile on your face and just go with the expectations of having a fabulous time.[br][br]It is definately worth it travelling on your own. You will meet new people, have lots of fun travelling around and you will wind up with some awesome friends. [br][br]So Brooke, go for it! You won’t regret it![br][br]Raina


It’s good hearing bout others going alone, am on European Escape and it meets sun and fun in Venice so the people on the coach will already be pretty comfortable with each other. Being a little nervous bout it comes and goes but it’ll be a good ice breaker finding out how their trips been so far… (hopes lol)[br][br]Rob


Yep, u will definitely make new friends… unless u try really hard not to make new friends. I’m travelling alone n have made heaps of new friends. On the summer fun n sailing tour i just did, all 41 ppl were really close. Considering there were like 8 guys and the rest girls. 3 couples, the rest were single or travelling without their partners. [br][br]Going croatia island sailing tomoz! I made some friends in Venice that are doing it too. They were doing a busabout but then again, I don’t really mind doing things on my own n even sometimes like travelling solo. Walking around in a city n getting lost is the best.[br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th[br][br]Ibiza[br]Aug 19th - Aug 25th[br][br]Croatia Sailing Stoncica[br]Sep 5th - Sep 12th[br][br]Decker Oktoberfest[br]Sep 14th - Sep 21st


hello… [br]im also travelling solo!! [br][br]i have heard from so many people that it is fine… ao i dont think we have anything to worry about!! especially not if your doing a tour :)[br][br]


just be good to get away from the rat race :slight_smile: … oh and Euge where bout in Ibiza are you going, am so jelouse love that place…[br][br]Rob


Did the 3 week Europe Uncovered alone recently and it’s definitely the best way to do it alone. You will easily make friends. Everyone is there for the same reason.


did a 3 week tour last year and a 7 day this year - both were with friends but doing a 25 day eastern europe/9 day egypt tour next summer by myself.[br][br]just by the first 2 trips - you can easily tell that it is still just as much fun by yourself, makes no difference. you have a group of around 35 people and probably 30% of them are by themselves. It is no different really, and actually would only motivate you to make friends with people anyway - every trip is just so much fun on these tour groups![br][br]YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST![br][br]Europe Unplugged 7/08 * Alps & Matadors 6/09 * Hopefully Athens to London and Egypt Express 7/10 :slight_smile: