Travelling alone in Istanbul


I am thinking about booking the Eastern Explore tour, leaving either the 2nd or 9th July 2013. I am a 21 year old girl travelling alone and was a little bit concerned about travelling to Istanbul myself? I was planning on arriving a day or two early to see the city. I have travelled in a range of different countries and am used to certain cultures and how they approach women, but I was just wondering if it is safe to do so in Istanbul? Obviously I realise that it is just a culture change and not to dress suggestively and so on. Sights like trip advisor have very mixed opinions… If anyone could help me out that’d be great! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Ra 91,well I see that you’ re a passionate traveller,as a residence in istanbul I highly recommend you visit this place but also you be so careful when walking on the street especially if you are alone…and I even would say it’s not a good idea to travel istanbul alone especially if u’re a girl.
if you have any questions about IStanbul,you can ask me…Good luck


Oh no, really? :frowning: I have to go there alone either way, that is where my tour starts (Eastern Explore), I was just considering going a couple of days earlier. Do you think that because it is summer and quite a lot of tourists, it would be ok, or really not safe?
Thanks for your help!


Hi Ra91,

My sister and i are traveling through Turkey as a part of our trip to Europe. We are doing the Turkey Active tour departing on the 1st of July. My sister will be 21 and i’ll be 23. We are a bit nervous too about Turkey, its the first time we’ve traveled further than ozzy (we’re kiwi’s) Im sure its going to be a blast tho!


I was in Istanbul over night in September. Just use caution. Dress respectable and don’t be out alone to late. But watch for the cab drivers as they like to rip female tourists off. At least that is what people I met told me, I am sure its not all of them.


Hey girls!
Great, that’s pretty much what I’ve heard. I think if you just use caution and make sure you dress quite conservative it should be fine. I’ve been to a few countries that you feel a bit uncomfortable as a girl and I think the best thing to do is just realise that it is more of a cultural aspect and that many of the things that men might say aren’t actually meant to sound dangerous or creepy, its just how they think you interact… I’ve also heard its quite handy to put a ring on your wedding finger and if anyone asks where you are going just say to see your husband. Thanks for your help, I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’ll stay to the tourist spots anyway! :slight_smile: