Travelling alone - Contiki vs Topdeck


Hi there!
I’m 19 girl and trying to compare between topdeck and Contiki? I’ve known about Contiki for awhile but topdeck seems to have nearly everything I was looking for and slightly cheaper. Contiki has more of reputation and is more well known however I don’t think that is enough to choose one company over another. I worried about the higher age group limit, is it awkward between those who are 18 vs 39? Is it easy to get along with people? I want to see these countries and cultures, but also have fun with it: what would be the best choice? Contiki or Topdeck?



I’ve done both Topdeck (2, 3rd next year) and Contiki (~10). I’ve been one of the oldest on all of the trips I’ve done so more or less the opposite of you. I haven’t really had an issue with the age ranges, you’re all there for the travel experience. On one of my trips 4 years ago I met a girl at the younger end of the age range that I got along great with, we still keep in touch, even met up again last year (I’m in New Zealand, she’s in Canada, the far side from NZ). I’ve had smallish groups (smallest was 11, ~20 is a good number) up to full large buses (~50) and haven’t had that much difficultly finding someone to explore with (I’m shy, not confident when by myself).

Can’t talk to so much to the fun part as I’m not much fun, but looking back there was a trend for more nights out drinking on the Contikis. As I don’t drink and can’t handle loud noisy places I didn’t participate in that often so didn’t really notice at the time. I’ve also only done 2 Topdecks so far so may have just been the tours I’ve done.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time no matter which one you decide to take. Just pick the one that fits your timetable best and ticks the most travel goal boxes.


Hello!! I’m a Student Flights consultant and have a lot of experience with travellers of both. Ultimately, it really depends on which trip you’re choosing and which area you’re visiting. For example, if you’re doing a general hostel type trip around europe, you’ll get lots of fun nights out and things with either!! I tend to go more for Topdeck for someone who wants to explore a lot and have fun, as Contiki can be a bit more “party hard” and sleep the next, but it all depends on the trip style and area of travel - like the Scandi area can get an older age group but sailing and Greece and things gets younger :smile: message me if you have any questions or need a hand choosing your dream trip!!